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Another year, another dollar...

Funny old year, this is......

I left the UK last year - moved as far as you can to rejoin my family - and found more of the same.

I've got friends over here.... some..... via my music interests but even then, there's only one or two that I can talk to properly. It's the one's who are as scatty as I am - and need to talk about their crazy b/f's.... - the others are somewhat 'stand-offish' because they think that someone who looks like Godzilla is going to attractive to their man..... - all I can say to that is 'Dream on!'.

So - a guy I know asked me to pop round for dinner one evening... and it was quite nice; we chatted and played music all evening - and then when I was leaving - he grabbed me for a kiss..... and I almost threw up! It wasn't even a proper first date and the guy was trying to excavate my tonsils......

I made my excuses and ran for the hills at speed. It was actualy quite an interestingexperience that I don't want to repeat it any time soon. I felt invaded.... and assaulted. Now - this guy might actualy fancy me.... but I'd guess he's got selective blindness.... at 50 kilo's over, I'm absolutely nothing to look at... but when you combine how he went for gold on the first meeting - and kept offering me weed......(which appears to be the norm with him)...... I'm thinking that whatever he's after, he ain't getting!

Sadly - I've always hoped for a guy to take an interest.... but a 'stoner' who effectively assaults me right at the start of a relationship...... well - combined with the fact that he's got no idea what I'm talking about when I step outside his spere of conversation....... I guess I'm staying where I am and I'm going to feel proud that I'm doing it by my standards. Just like the woman in the song by Maddy Prior - 'Old Maid In the Garrett'.

Bottom line - not that desperate yet........ and there's always liposuction and a face-lift?
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Hey! :)

Another Plain Jane here.
Well, except... you know, when I'm at home, I don't think I'm all that ugly. I don't hate looking in the mirror. I think I have a pretty good body. I like being pale, and while I find having acne annoying (I'm 24!), it doesn't make me want to kill myself or something.
But as soon as I leave the house, I feel like shit. Like everyone is staring at my face and my hair and thinking how ugly and sickly I look. And when I'm not feeling like shit, I feel invisible. I bet I could parade down the street naked and no one would notice.
I guess this is because I was bullied for of my looks during pretty much my whole time in school. I graduated almost six years ago, but on some days I still can't shake the feeling that the next random person (mostly teenagers or people my age) I pass will insult me in some way.
So, while I "secretly" think I'm OK-looking or even pretty, I would never ever consider that anybody else would honestly find me OK-looking or pretty as well, even when they say they do.

I also can't stand when somebody is criticizing the way I look. For example, when someone is telling me to put on some make up or wear a skirt because that would make me look so much prettier and more "feminine". Gah! I hate make up. The few times I ever wore any I ended up looking like a silent film diva, and not in a good way, lol. Plus, I've got better things to do in the morning than to put on make up. And wearing a skirt = being feminine? This is 2009, for God's sake...

I've also never had a boyfriend. I've never even kissed someone. There were guys who wanted to date me, though. But they all just pissed me off because I felt that they didn't even know who I was, and the only reason they wanted to date me was them thinking that they had better chances with me than with some better looking girl - because, plain as I am, I must take what I can get, right? I also hate the assumption that since I am very shy and plain-looking I must be soooo sweet and have such a good personality. I don't! I'm shallow and sarcastic and bitchy and have flaws like everyone else, no matter what they look like. Gah.

Wow, this got long. Sorry for this silly TMI rant, I just had to get this off my chest...
Hello Kelly

When guys say hello...

I have always (and still do) consider myself ugly.  I have acne, even at age 28.  I'm pale (and, although I like being pale, society doesn't like paleness).  My nose is too big, and so are my feet.  I wear glasses.  I have somewhat severe scars on my arms (and some on my legs, too) from self-injury.  To make matters worse, I'm 40-50 pounds overweight, due to a thyroid disorder (I have to take medication for my thyroid problem; I didn't used to be overweight until I developed Hashimoto's Thyroiditis).

I'm bisexual, and I currently have a girlfriend (our relationship is polyamorous, because we are both allowed to date guys, too, but not other girls).  She tells me I'm beautiful, but I know it isn't true, definitely not physically.  The only guy who ever showed interest in me was a rapist.  So...

A couple of weeks ago, I was outside near the big local college campus (I currently live near the campus).  I was talking on the phone, when a rather alternative looking guy (the type of guy I am usually attracted to) stopped to look at me.  I thought perhaps he was admiring my tee-shirt (The Smiths).  Then, I realized that he used to be one of my neighbors, so that was why he was looking at me.  It wasn't because he liked me or my style. 

Then, a couple of nights ago, I was at a nearby gas station buying ice cream.  As I waited in line, I heard a guy behind me say: "Hey, how are you?"  Random people never talk to me, so I did not respond.  Then, he said: "I'm talking to you..."  I turned around, and sure enough, the guy was talking to me.  I thought the guy was kind of cute, so I said "hello," and I couldn't believe that he was talking to me.  But, then, he told me that he lived across the street from me.  So, that was the only reason he was actually talking to me.  We ended up talking about my dog for a minute or so (he'd often seen me walking my dog around the neighborhood). 

Tonight, I was walking my dog, and the guy across the street was on his porch.  He apparently remembered what I'd told him my dog's name is, because he said hello to my dog, calling her by name.  I laughed and said that my dog was probably wondering: "How does that guy know my name?"  The guy laughed, and then he asked how I was doing.  I responded, and that was all. 

I feel bitter when guys are friendly to me.  Because, if I was pretty, I'd think maybe certain guys were flirting.  But I'm not pretty, so I always feel either pitied or mocked. 

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Time's marching on.....

I popped by... and saw that it's been quiet around here....

So - this plain one has been seeing a few guys but... you know how it is, we're subtle..... and they're blind! I don't know why I still keep thinking it's going to change!

Currently, there's a guy living over in the Forest.... a nice guy - but he's so stilted, it's almost not true! I do like him..... and the longer he knows me, the more he relaxes... but it's such slow going - and I've not got the energy...

Anyway - I'm planning to move down under next year - so there'll be one of us over there... and maybe - just maybe - the world might get to be a better place, if I'm lucky!

I hope things have improved for everyone else.... please tell me they have......

And if it doesn't improve... well, I've got my music and my books.... and my dreams.....
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I'm a Plain Jane in everything ;). I've been rejected by every bitchy good looking girl rating community I applicated for (and I wonder why I wanted to belong to those bitches anyway). I can SOO relate to the user info. They always say to me: "you're so shy, you don't have enough attitude, that's why guys don't like you". Well, excuse me, but did they ever thought about where the pretty girls got their attitude from? They're reversing it!
They called me "ugly"a lot of times, but it was even more frustrating when they called me "normal looking". I'm probably average in everything and I envy pretty girls. I'm not smart, not funny, not a 'party person', and sometimes I feel like I'm 80 years old on the inside.
I think this community is so funny and I'm glad that it does exist.
Here I am looking like I usually do (like a wallflower)
My face is too long and small and my lips are too thin for me to be pretty, and I will not even talk about me from side view. But I've also got big eyes and everybody says that makes me okay and with comments about my eyes they take away my right to complain about my long face, because I'm not really ugly. That's why I'm totally a plain jane...But I kind of like it, it's better than being ugly and people that stand out from the crowd by their prettiness are often ugly from the inside anyway and they're too spoiled.
I hope I may join this community!!

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I'm a UK based plain Jane! I thought I'd join this community... because it feels appropriate! Like the rest of us - it's a lonely life out there - and all the good guys seem to be spoken for... and the bad ones, well - who want's the 'complications'?

Anyway - this is me - plainer than the average Jane!

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Enough for now - I'm trying to get the courage to go to a singles night - a new experience!
Tom/Jenn 2007

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Hello there everybody! I'm Revenwyn, pretty much a plain jane at least in looks. I happen to look like a hobbit and I'm not too thrilled about it. Before I launch myself into a pity-party though, I will just say that it is possible for a plain jane to get a man. I have one. He doesn't even think of me as being plain, though most people would say I am. My cousin once was very cruel to me and put my pic up on the "Hot or Not" site. I got a 2 out of 10. Oh well.
In addition to being plain, I'm also a female geek, or "geekess" as I prefer to call myself. I've started a community for other such women such as myself: geekesses Read the user info and if you think you're of that material, apply to join!

Here's a few pics of myself, behind Collapse )

Welcome! Bievenue! Willkommen! добро пожаловать!

Hello, all, and welcome to Plain Janes Anonymous.

Having had the slight misfortune of being born aesthetically lacking, I've chosen to overcome petty feelings of self-hatred and general wangst and have decided to create an lj safe haven for other depressingly average individuals just like myself. This community differs from the usual "R U Hot or Not" communities in the sense that this isn't an ugly contest. You don't need to post a picture. If you feel that you are hideous or, at the least, marginally frumpy; that's good enough for us, dammit. It's also not a popularity contest either. Undesirables of all shades are embraced here!

And all you ordinary male lurkers out there, don't be put off by the title of this community; by all means join us in our sharing of personal anecdotes and infuriated ranting. There's no such thing as having too many guests in a pity party.

Love and condolences,

Your moderator,
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