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Pinned up

all over......

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This community is for people who love pinups both old and new. Anyone who wants to join is welcome to share their thoughts and feelings.

1. Please don't discrimation against other members
2. If your adding more than one picture I ask that you put it under a lj-cut
3. NEW RULE: If at any time you want to advertise for another community feel free but in doing so you must add a pinups_ banner to the community you advertised for. Please scroll down this info page and copy and paste one of four banners.
4. To all new members, please fill out the application.

1. Name:
2. Age
3. Location:
4. Gender:
5. Zodiac sign:
6. Special talents:
7. Three things you like about yourself:
8. Three things you hate about yourself:
9. What you like/dislike about this community:
10. Why you joined this community:
11. Favorite bands/movies:
12. Favorite pinup model:
13. Name one live journal user I can invite to the pinups_ community:
14. Add a picture of yourself or if unable to a brief description:

*Good Topic's*
- Pinups form the 1950's-today
- Corsets
- Beauty/makeup tips
- Hair
- Stockings

This community is maintained by everythingburns

If you like this community also try classic_pinup

*Click on these links*
Free space Pinups:This site has a lot of information on classic pinups from the 1940's and 1950's
Western pinups:Pinups from the old west
Pinup art:Classic pinup art
Dita Von Teese:The official site
Danielle emerick:Take a look at his great photo's
Bettie Page:The official site
The Betty page:Another good site for you Bettie Fan's
Tiscali:A site with Dita pictures
Marilyn Monroe:The official site
Shannanigan:Take a peek
Free servers:Vintage pinups
Glamour girls:Of the silver screen

Visit BettiePage.com!


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