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. Name: Miss Bettie
2. Age:16
3. Location: Oregon
4. Gender:female
5. Zodiac sign:Gemini
6. Special talents: Writing
7. Three things you like about yourself:eyes, hair, attitude
8. Three things you hate about yourself:procratination, the fact that I was born in the 1990's and not 1910-1920.
9. What you like/dislike about this community:I love pin-up but it gives my dad and mom one more reason to think I am gay.
10. Why you joined this community: The women back in the day where so beautiful and classy.
11. Favorite bands/movies: Jack Off Jill, Marilyn Manson, Beatles, Silence of the Lambs
12. Favorite pinup model: Bettie Page
13. Name one live journal user I can invite to the pinups_ community:none right now but I will once I know who I can.
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