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1. Name: Alice Manson
2. Age: 14. Is it bad that I'm young?
3. Location: U.S.
4. Gender: female
5. Zodiac sign: Gemini baby!
6. Special talents: can wiggle my ears, can throw food and catch it in my mouth
7. Three things you like about yourself: I'm funny, interesting, and I am a good writer
8. Three things you hate about yourself: my weight, my looks, and my hair!
9. What you like/dislike about this community: pfft, what is there to not like? It's fabulous!
10. Why you joined this community: I looooove pin-ups
11. Favorite bands/movies: Marilyn Manson/ Alice in Wonderland, anything from the 30's, 40's, and 50's.
12. Favorite pinup model: Bernie Dexter, Audrey Hepburn, Dita Von Teese
13. Name one live journal user I can invite to the pinups_ community: I don't have any other pin-up lovin' friends...
14. Add a picture of yourself or if unable to a brief description: 5'4", burgundy hair, gray-blue eyes
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