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1. Name: Lilla [ pronounced Leela]
2. Age: 16
3. Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
4. Gender: Female
5. Zodiac sign: Cancer
6. Special talents: works well with make-up... does that count as one?
7. Three things you like about yourself: optimism, kind, innocence.
8. Three things you hate about yourself: how I am never satisfied with my body, my lacking of tattoos, and my procrastination habits.
9. What you like/dislike about this community: Seems like a very cute community, and I love the background wallpaper.
10. Why you joined this community: I love pin ups and I am hopeful this will keep me updated on the latest it girls and images.
11. Favorite bands/movies: The Birthday Massacre, Static-X, Interview With The Vampire, Resident Evil, Memento; way too many to name.
12. Favorite pinup model: I love all pin up girls, but I aboslutely love the U-bangled girls, Bernie, Betty, Sabina just to name a few.
13. Name one live journal user I can invite to the pinups_ community: Truthfully, none of my lj friends like pin-up girls... at least I am unaware if they do.

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