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Name: rachel
Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: dicks (dix) hills, long island
Favorite Bands/Artists: rilo kiley, bright eyes, ted leo and the pharmacists, head automatica, cursive, the killers(i saw then in central park, AMAZING!), hot hot heat, brand new, frou frou, the shins, franz ferdinand, british sea power, elliot smith, the postal service, the new pronographers, spice girls (old school!)
Favorite Movies: of course the ususal: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, a clockwork orange, the notebook, american beauty, donnie darko, mean girls, but also: wet hot american summer, clue (they made a movie of the board game, its so great!), almost famous, romeo and juliet (leo d'caprio version), hook, grease/any musical, harriet the spy, back to the future, original ghostbusters (the sequel is teh lame)
Favorite Sex position: i cant say that i have a favorite yet but if i could it would probably involve me standing on my head
Favorite Animal: chinchilla, on a whim my parents bought my sister one and its so cute!
Favorite Store: KOHLS!!!
Favorite Drink: water, i like to keep it classic
Favrotie Lyrics:
And on the way home held your camera like a bible
Just wishing so bad that it held some kind of truth
And I stood nervous next to you in the dark room
You dropped the paper in the water
And it all begins to bloom

Why would you like to join this communnity? this will be my first community, i've wanted to join one for the longest time and i finally got my shit together so, here i am. and the mods are total sex, of course!
How do you feel about President Bush being in office four more years? i dont trust anyone who almost dies from a salty bread product
Have any funny stories for us? okay, here goes...
so my friend lauren (_squeeze) and i are chillaxin' in my room and i'm rummaging through my underpants drawer throwing thongs at her and we find one that isnt mine. we check the tag and it's an extra large! being the inquisitve and oh so curious youngsters we are, we ran a few tests to see just how big it was...
oy vey
after an almost lethal fit of laughter we came to the conclusion (or at least i did) that if you need a thong that big, you shouldnt be wearing one!
What are your feelings on pre-marital sex? i dont mind as long as its not a one night stand or random casual sex. STD's are no fun so you should be able to trust the person you're humping (i dont think i've ever used that work in a sentence before)
What are your feelings on drugs? not a big fan of los drugs. i know some people who do stuff and it does nothing but hurt. although... midol is GOD
Any piercings?(pictures?) i have seven holes in my ears (not inclusing the ones i hear out of, silly!)
pink star compliments of purim carnival
i have three on the other ear.
Do you dye your hair often? oh so often! i'm naturally brunette but i've had red, hot pink and many stange fading colors grace my head. as of tuesday night im back to brown because the pink i had in faded to an icky color that didnt match my prom dress
Will you be active in this community? totally! this is the only community i'm in (or would really really like to be in) so my time wont be spread out. i also dont have a life, which helps
What word(s) do you use most often? i say dude frequently but only to my little brother. i'd have to say that i use the words a, the, it, and I a lot. also awesome. making up words is fun too! whatchamacallit has to be my fav

Word Association;
Wang: Prane (a girl in my school whose last name is wang ::giggles::)
Dinasour: barney
Tape: sticky
Battery: electrolytic cells

Where will you promote(please link): its on my user info, trust me, but i cant figure out how to link it. i dont have anywhere else to promote (communities etc..)but i'll tell all my friends, promise!
Last chance to sway our votes: i can touch my tounge to my nose and i'll get a pic of it as soon as possible!
How hot are Rox, Jill, and Natasha? well, i know natasha and i know she is totally hot. if the other mods are as hot as her, you all should have babies to populate the earth will millions or gorgeous people
PICTURES [as many as you want, but atleast 3 of you]

i <3 my digi cam and if you can see them, more cool earrings!

oh my! everyone needs a scene pic!

sister-me-brother yea JEWS!

my brother, i think his smile looks like the grinch when his heart gets really big

a tad random i admit but, i went to the MET and saw this painting. i have to say that it spoke to me, look at the form! the use of color! the bitterness, the strife!
actually, its just two blue lines on a huge canvas. all it says to me is, "hey, artist-man, you forgot to finish me!" i like modern art but i guess this one is a bit too modern
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