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Name: kari adele
Location:conroe, tx
Favorite Bands/Artists: the faint, death cab, smiths, cure.
Favorite Movies: girl with a pearl earring, i heart huckabees, lost in translation...
Favorite Sex position: i like to stay classic.
Favorite Animal: the koala bear. anything that tree-dwelling cute deserves to be someone's favourite.
Favorite Store:Taxi, Taxi
Favorite Drink: strawberry fanta
Favrotie Lyrics:" took off your clothes, left on the light. you stood there so brave, you use to be shy..."-Take it Easy(Love nothing)

Why would you like to join this communnity? i would like to be part of the beautiful crowd.
How do you feel about President Bush being in office four more years? he can do whatever he wants. well, whatever God tells him to do.
Have any funny stories for us? If you like children yes.
What are your feelings on pre-marital sex?do it.
What are your feelings on drugs?do it when you are responsible and rich.
Any piercings?(pictures?)no, only the original 2 holes in my ear.
Do you dye your hair often? i cant say i do it often.
Will you be active in this community? yes.
What word(s) do you use most often? i love you, hi, and dammnit.

Word Association;
Wang:"Everybody's Wang Chung Tonight.."
Dinasour: t-rexer
Tape: emo mixtapes
Battery: bunny.

Where will you promote(please link):
Last chance to sway our votes: r stands for rad.
How hot are Rox, Jill, and Natasha? you guys are pretty. hot is for red hair.
PICTURES [as many as you want, but atleast 3 of you]
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

i hope i did the lj cut correctly...
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