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Dear Kids,

Name: Kate Shumway [full name - Katherine Autumn Gibbons Shumway]
Age: Fifteen.
Sex: Female.
Location: Near Albany, New York.
Favorite Bands/Artists: To name a few - Cursive, Q And Not U, the White Octave, the Postal Service, Patti Smith, Death Cab, Elliot, Rites of Spring, Northstar, Alexisonfire, New York Dolls, Copeland, CFTPA (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone).
Favorite Movies: A Clockwork Orange, Run Lola Run, Pulp Fiction, Being John Malcovich, &anything I can watch at 4 in the morning that makes me laugh.
Favorite Sex position: Next to a boy. [..]
Favorite Animal: White tiger
Favorite Store: I'd say Goodwill, but that would be painfully scene of me, so maybe the dollar store because they sell bottles of bubbles, &they cost [oh, surprise] a dollar!
Favorite Drink: Diet Coke, &I hate Pepsi with a passion because I think it tastes like bottled crap. Pepsi lovers, please do not take offense. I hate the drink, not its consumers.
Favorite Lyrics:

The transformation of waste is perhaps the oldest pre-occupation of man.
Man being the chosen alloy, he must be reconnected —
via shit, at all cost.
Inherent within us is the dream of the task of the alchemist to create
From the clay of man.
&to re-create from excretion of man pure
&then soft
&then solid gold.

all must not be art. some art we must disintegrate.

Patti Smith, 25th Floor

Why would you like to join this communnity?: I'm up at 3 in the morning, and I read through the community information, and I read some of the posts &of course, the bright layout attracted my tired eyes. I like what I can see of the mods, &the members, &it's the kind of community I'd actually participate in.
How do you feel about President Bush being in office four more years?: I cried on election day. Call me pathetic and/or toointoit, but the thought of having this administration in until I'm in college is frightening. Everyone who calls Pres. Bush a moron isn't beginning to describe it. He might be dyslexic but he has an agenda.
Have any funny stories for us?: Well, not really. But I can offer you this picture.

Image hosted by
This is my friend Drew.
He doesn't really have Downs Syndrome.
He just acts like it sometimes, because he's amazing.

What are your feelings on pre-marital sex?: Not my business, but waiting until you're out of your parent's house at least is a wonderful idea. Also, wrap it up; don't give VDs to those you love. Flowers are nice, though.
What are your feelings on drugs?: Don't do them, because I'm not down with having my judgement impaired. &I like my brain cells intact.
Any piercings?(pictures?): Ears only. Sorry, no pictures - but that's boring anyway.
Do you dye your hair often?: As often as I feel necessary to keep my hair needs entertained. Generally I just go dark, &cutting it about every two days keeps me happy.
Will you be active in this community?: Sure.
What word(s) do you use most often? One of my current favorites is "asshat." I also tend to be the girl to yell "FAG" or something equally inappropriate at exactly the wrong time.

Word Association;
Wang: TANG.
Dinasour: Green [<--Dinosaur]
Tape: Sharpie
Battery: Nuclear waste!

Where will you promote(please link):
1. Userinfo!
2. Community!

Last chance to sway our votes: I can hula hoop. Pretty damn well.
How hot are Rox, Jill, and Natasha?: I'd do you guys. I'm really fond of all of your hair...s, too. [PS; Natasha's the name of the girl in Rocky&Bullwinkle, which just makes the name more fantastic.]

PICTURES [as many as you want, but atleast 3 of you]

Image hosted by
[It kind of looks like I'm eating the flowers, but I promise I'm not]

Image hosted by
Me&the boy.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
In a jacket I just finished making.

Image hosted by

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