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graphics by k r i s t i

Graphics by k r i s t i ♥
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personified_ is a graphics community run by Kristi cotton_candy8
It was created in March 2005.

Be sure to visit the TAGS to see all my updates.

Past layouts
01 Ashlee Simpson
02 Christina Aguilera
03 Alexis Bledel
04 Mischa Barton
05 Alexis Bledel
06 Grey
07 Smooth Sailing

Current layout overrides by onebigshrug

Awards I've won

01 Do not steal anything and redistribute it as your own work.
02 Credit personified_ in icon keywords.
03 For headers/friends only/user info banners, credit in your user info.
04 Comment if you take something.
05 Save & upload everything yourself. No direct linking.

Please save a button & put it in your user info. Remember to link it back to:

electricsighs laughtur 2thousand3
floorshow __iiicons _creations_ __shoe__gal__
spanishevenstar boogiethatbe geeksinthepink
rubyredicons jamboray true_diamonds idol_iconized
formaticism tangled_wishes yourlibidos scandals
lovexdrunk robot_pearls _paranoidicons cheered
letsfrenchh thetreeline

If you would like to be an affiliate, leave a comment here.

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