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graphics by k r i s t i
Recent Entries 
31st-May-2009 03:20 pm - Up
Just 4 simple icons from the movie Up. I can't wait to watch it!

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(haha, my KITH mood icon for this is very appropriate)
25th-May-2009 04:50 pm - Various
Sorry it has been so long since I've posted!!

Kate Nash
Mandy Moore

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let them know you worth itCollapse )
5th-Jul-2008 01:47 pm - Katy Perry
Icons & user info banners

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take it off baby for meCollapse )
17th-May-2008 05:03 pm - The Kids in the Hall
Icons of..
Recent promo shots
Mark's tour photo diary
Episode 1

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in grade eight, i danced like this..Collapse )

Screencaps of episode one by geekfreak03
6th-May-2008 03:18 pm - Various
Icons & info banners

Avril Lavigne
Lauren Conrad
Heidi Montag
Andy Warhol Art
Gossip Girl

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i'll be the one who'll break my heartCollapse )
29th-Mar-2008 12:51 pm - The Kids in the Hall
KITH colourful group
Sorry it has been so long!

Most of these are my entries and winners from kith_icontest

Friends Only banner

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what is the fat man doing across the road?Collapse )

Screencaps by claio @ kith_icontest (except for the last 2 icons)
31st-Dec-2007 12:03 pm - Various
Happy New Year!! Sorry for the lack of updates lately! Here's a few icons for now, and a poll.

Please fill this out!

What/who do you want icons of?

30 Rock
Pushing Daisies
Across the Universe

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and i need something moreCollapse )
25th-Jul-2007 12:05 pm - Various
Avril Lavigne
Mischa Barton

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are you watching meCollapse )
2nd-May-2007 03:26 pm - Icon Meme

Please comment my icons! :D
30th-Apr-2007 03:13 pm - Various
America's Next Top Model - cycle 8
Hilary Duff
Zooey Deschanel

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je sera ta copineCollapse )
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