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89. 18 icons

Milo Ventiligima (4)
Chris Lowell (4)
Leonardo Dicaprio (2)
Wentworth Miller (2)
James Franco (2)
Jared Padalecki (2)
Jensen Ackles (2)
Jason Dohring (1)

Random batch, I know. Trying out some new coloring techniques. Images from themesnomatter and also from desiring-jensen.org


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88. Coloring Tutorial


Made for PSP 7. Probably okay for any graphics program with layers/colorizing options.

Begin with this image of Milo Ventimiglia from themesnomatter (resized to 100x100 pixels and cropped). I'd appreciate any feedback on this--it's my first tutorial in a while. Feel free to comment with anything you've created using this, and what not :) ♥

More icons of cute boys later tonight, probably. ;)

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