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56. WP, 100x100 textures

I know, I know, stop with the resources already! I tried to mix it up with a wallpaper, but we'll see. I've got bunches and BUNCHES of colorbars on the way, with all of the Supernatural episodes that have aired so far (yay!) and probably of Veronica Mars and Prison Break too, if I can download those screencaps fast enough. That's if I'm lucky. Have I got my work cut out for me, or what?

Enjoy the Jake wallpaper ;)

( Click here to download the .zip file @ DeviantArt )

( Click here to download the Wallpaper @ Deviantart )

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08. 15 NEW Icons!

Female Celebrities Set (6):
          Christina Aguilera
          Kristin Kreuk
          Beyonce Knowles
          Julia Stiles
          Emma Watson
          Kiera Knightley
Male Celebrities Set (6):
          Hayden Christensen
          Matt Damon
          Jake Gyllenhaal
          Orlando Bloom
          Dan Radcliffe
          Tom Welling
Hayden Christensen (1)
Angelina Jolie (2)


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