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mmmhmm jhutch


Good news, I'm inspired by the interest icons and have been a busy beaver.
Good news, I'm 42.8% finished [3 people out of 7 requested so far].
Good news, I've made 4 icons for everyone instead of 3. The fourth is a variation on the third, so.

Bad news, It's 3.38AM here, and I need to get to bed.

If you haven't already asked, feel free to comment here to be added to the list. ♥

Won't tell you who's who's, but here are some teasers:

mmmhmm jhutch


Been feeling a little un-inspired lately, so ...

i'm offering to make interest icons for anybody who wants them

Anybody who would like me to make interest icons for them, comment here. I'll pick three interests, and make three icons.

Not putting a cut-off on this, but if it gets out of hand I'll stop for a while, and then open it up again :)