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Welcome to Paper Hearts, thanks for checking us out!

This community was created to share and receive info on all your favorite DIY crafts and projects. This forum is open for questions, suggestions, sharing your projects, and linking your DIY related sites. The community was created a few years back and unfortunately was left to become a dead community and I’d like to see it get back up on its feet again.

With that being said, let’s move on.

This community is moderated:

Although the community is moderated, 99.9% of all posts will be approved. This is put into place so that in the case of this community being flooded with posts that are strictly promotions to other sites. Promotion posts will not be deleted; we just do them differently here.

Posting links to your online store/promotions:

If you have a site or an online store we encourage you to share it with us. Instead of posting it as a regular post, we actually like to showcase these links and sites on a weekly basis. All you need to do to become a featured site is post your banner and link here. Please include a small paragraph of who you are and what’s on your site. Featured sites post will always be on Fridays (payday for us, usually :]). Deadline to be featured in weekly post is Tuesday.

General posting:

  1. When posting questions, please title your post correctly (example: If you're posting a question on stenciling, title the post "Stenciling question".); this makes it easier for people to determine whether they can be of assistance or not.

  2. If your post has pictures, please be kind to all of our layouts and keep all but one picture under an lj-cut. Please be considerate by resizing huge pictures; if you do not know how, contact a mod and we will do it for you.

  3. Do not contact any of the mods on their personal journals.

  4. Please, save the drama for your mama and nix the bad attitude. Rude and inconsiderate people will be removed and banned from this community faster than you can type “zomg!!1`1”. People who become a nascence will be reported.

  5. Stealing people’s work is not cool and is a huge no-no here. These people work very hard to create the things they make so do not take credit for something you didn’t make. Anyone caught doing so will also be removed, banned, and reported.

  6. Make sure to check the memories to see if an answer to your question hasn't already been answered.

Like to help people? Know how to do something really well? Want to be active in a great community? Then apply here to be either a maintainer or an "expert". I'm in desperate need for both seeing that I go to school full time and it would be easier to keep this community up and running by having someone around to give advice and/or tips to people who have questions and to have someone around to tag and look over the posts the are in queue at times where I don't have the time to log on. Maintainers will have full access to this community.

These are our mods, maintainers, and people who take the time out of their day to help you out. If you're interested in becoming one of these people, check out the info above and follow the link provided.

If you have any questions, complaints, or comments, please do not contact any of the mods on personal journals; you may post any of these things here.

Your mod and owner of this community,by_thesea.
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email: ask.

Can help you with: Stenciling, t-shirt deconstruction, basic sewing and alterations, general crafts, DIY coloring (bleaching, dying, toning).

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