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Weekly Promotions

If you have a site or an online store we encourage you to share it with us. Instead of posting it as a regular post, we actually like to showcase these links and sites on a weekly basis. All you need to do to become a featured site is post your banner and link here. Please include a small paragraph of who you are and what’s on your site. Featured sites post will always be on Fridays (payday for us, usually :]). Deadline to be featured in weekly post is Tuesday.

All sites will be put in sidebar after promotion.
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Mod/Expert Application

This post is for people interested in becoming a mod or an expert for this community. A few things before you apply:

Both positions require that you have a little of free time so that you can help answer questions and help with some community maintenance.

Maintainers will help with upkeep of the community which can be but not limited to:

  • Reviewing posts in queue

  • Accepting or rejecting posts

  • Tagging entries

  • Preparing the weekly promotions post

Experts answer questions posted to this community.
Other duties would be:

  • Tagging entries once questions are answered.

  • We also encourage you to make a daily post to talk about any projects you're doing or to answer general questions members may have.

The application:
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Hey everybody,

I know this community is dead and burried but I'd like to get it back up again. The next few weeks the whole community will be overhauled with a new info page and a new layout. I think this is still a great community and I'd like to see it blow up.

If you have any questions or would like to be a moderator or an "expert", just leave them here as commments.

Expect new changes soon!

Cass- your mod
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