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Paper Airplanes

Icons by iam_lizardqueen

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This is the icon journal of Ki-ki ( iam_lizardqueen). She's obsessed with diet coke, chocolate, photoshop, Roswell and sleep. This is the journal that she keeps all her icons, brushes, textures and other arts in. If you want to see her ramblings and inner thoughts, go to her other journal by clicking on her name. If you leave a comment she'll be happy to add you as a friend.

She posts icons relating to nothing and everything, and random resources that she also makes. She has a web site for all her big art works called Makeshift Wings.

If you wish to look at all her resources that she has posted here, then go to her resources page.

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I'm generally lenient when it comes to my art and resources, but i do have a few main rules. If you break my rules i will be forced to hunt you down and spit on you:

  • No hotlinking and no Xanga!!

  • Credit me if you use something.

  • Comment when you take my crap. I do the same when i take other peoples stuff.

  • DO NOT redistribute my work and claim it as your own. This will piss me off. Piss me off and you'll be spat on. The rules are very simple people.

  • Be nice to me. Don't come and insult my work and then expect us to be 'just peachy'. I will retalliate and chances are it won't be pretty.

  • I do take requests for anything you want. All you have to do is ask and use manners, and there's a good chance you will be rewarded.

  • The more people who break these rules the more chances of this journal being friends only.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

All things in this journal have been made by me, iam_lizardqueen. That includes all resources and witty/not so witty remarks.

The name of the journal comes from the song Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings) by A.F.I. It matches the name of my art site and personal live journal which are both called Makeshift Wings. The lyrics on the banner come from the AFI song and they own all rights to it. I'm just borrowing it because the name inspires me.

All work is coopyrighted to Kiki (lizard_queen (iam_lizardqueen)) 4.11.05

Affiliates, Groovy Artists or Communities i belong to...

goodstockicons                  good_roswell
stock_awards                  ros_awards
roswellicons                  _boppo_
ofthe_sky                  icon_crack

A Roswell Icon Listing

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