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addict for dramatics

Tutorial #1 : Blending in PSP

today were are making a blend featuring the beautiful amber tamblyn.

first we will get these pictures from the sottp press conference courtesy of
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

paste both of them into psp.

make a new image and set your settings like mine.
Image Hosted by

resize both your images. (SHIFT+S)
Image Hosted by

paste this picture as a new layer in your blank image. (CTRL+L)
Free Image Hosting at

on the toolbar there is a tool that sort of looks like a jagged box (should be the second one, under the arrow/hand). click on it and move the picture to the far left.
Image Hosted by

paste the other picture, but this time move it to the right of the other picture.
Image Hosted by

go to your crop tool (under the layer mover thingy), and crop the checkered part of the image. your image should now look like this.
Image Hosted by

click on your eraser brush and choose appropriate settings.
Image Hosted by

erase the part that is covering amber so it looks blended. you may have to move the right picture over to make it look better. if you did move, crop the image to your liking. your blended product:
Image Hosted by

now go file > export > jpeg optimizer and set the settings to your liking. you're done!
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