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Name: nelli
Age: 15
Location: wyckoff, nj
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: bi
bf/gf?: nope
Hobbies: music, shows, hanging out with friends, photography, cutting/dying hair, sewing
Do you do art? What kind?: i take a lot of pictures. i like drawing n painting even tho im not too good.
Do you play an instrument? Which one?: none, wanna learn guitar
Do you write songs?: no
What kind of music do you listen to?: punk, ska, physcobilly, reggae.
10 fave music artists: gg allin, circle jerks, the stray cats, reel big fish, the dead boys, hub city stompers, minor threat, roger miret and the disasters, the adicts, x ray spex.
How long have you been into makeup/fashion/hair/diy?: about 3 or 4 years. i started dying my hair in 6th or 7th grade n started making clothes in probaby 8th wen i learned how to use a sewing machine
AS MANY PICTURES AS YOU WANT OF WHATEVER YOU WANT. stay on topic!: only picture i have wiht my hair dyed because i just got a camera. i wanna do it like that again but it got like that accidentally.
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