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paint my fucking face. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Real hair, Real makeup, Real fashion, Real people.

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Newdity. [01 Aug 2005|12:38pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Name: Rachel
Age: 15
Location: Lockport, New York
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Not totally 100% sure yet.
bf/gf?: Kinda....like not going out but whatever.
Hobbies: Going to shows, Dying my hair, Experimenting with new make-up, Reading....blah blah blah.
Do you do art? What kind?: Yeah...I like to paint and draw, even though I'm not so hot at it. I also write, if you guys consider that art.
Do you play an instrument? Which one?: Guitar. But not well.
Do you write songs?: I do, but with little success.
What kind of music do you listen to?: Punk, Oi! Crust....and some Ska, Reggae, and Jazz too sometimes...
10 fave music artists: Subhumans, Vice Squad, Lower Class Brats, Vibrators, X-Ray Spex, Dresden Dolls, Aquabats, Epoxies, GBH, Aus Rotten...
How long have you been into makeup/fashion/hair/diy?: Well...for about 3 years. That was when I first started chopping up my clothes and dying my hair funny colors.
AS MANY PICTURES AS YOU WANT OF WHATEVER YOU WANT. stay on topic!: Its upsetting that I have no pictures of when my hair was blue or purple, and I have none of me with good make-up on. But, I will try to upload some onto my computer and post them someday...I'm just lazy and don't have a good camera.
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paint my face

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