First Set of Results Are In!

Despite menstration (thus retained water), uncertainty about the woman who did my measurements (I was her first person) and so many workouts missed... my first set of results from Curves are in, thought I'd share:

Bust: 45 ( 1 inch lost )
Waist: 39 ( 1 inch gain )
Abdomen 44 ( .5 inch lost)
Hips 48 ( 1.5 inch lost )
Thighs 47 (stayed the same) ... remember these are doubled numbers, I'm not a freak after all LOL
Arms 26 ( 1 inch )
Weight 210.50 ( 3.50 lbs lost )
Body Fat %  39.10% ( 2.90% lost )

Total Inches Lost:  3
Total Pounds Lost:  3.50
Body Fat Pounds Lost:  7.57


:)  I'm feelin' good.  Off to work now.


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Pic of Me @ Curves Day 1

Sad and fuzzy as it is, here is a pic of me at Curves on day 1.  May those numbers decrease fast and the amount of clothing I feel I need to wear during work outs too!  It's too hot to dress like that all the time!


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An interesting note

Back in highschool I was the same height, weight and measurements of one of america's coolest and most lusted after chics:  Marilyn Monroe.  Her measurements were:  (bust, waist, hips) 35 22 35.

To be back there I'd have to lose the following in inches:  10 16 14

Wonder how I'll do... :)

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WOOT for Workout!

Day Two of Curves Watch  :)

I'm still on my energy high and hoping this will keep up.  
Today is their slow day at the local curves place.  Turns out a lot of peeps don't like to come in on Fridays.  *shrug*
So I ended up with the place (and the lady) to myself.  30 minutes was done in no time at all!
Yes, I'm feeling it in my thighs a bit today *BUT* my energy level is up and I feel great!

I'll post a "before" picture later tonight. 
Can't wait to see how I progress as time goes on.

*hugs all*


PS:  The Stats (hides eyes)

Bust: 46
Waist: 38
Abs: 44.50
Hips: 49.50
Thighs: 21.50
Arms:  21.50
Weight: 214
Body Fat %: 42.20
Body Fat WT: 90.31
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Back In Action - Positively Speaking!

It's a new year folks and today I decided to blow the dust off P.S. and kick us into gear again so... welcome back!  The battle goes on another year and this time we're all gonna triumph!  [ By the Power of Greyskull... lol ... see userpic for this post to get the joke ]

Today I took a big gulp and breath and joined Curves here in town.  (I got coupons for free time there for any of you ladies who want to give it a free week to see what you think!)  I'm terribly nervous and tomorrow is my first work out.  I'll let you all know how it went by posting after work tomorrow.  Though I got to say the first impression was FAB!  Bright cheery place, 30 minute program on hydrolic machines and work out pads, helpers on the floor to make sure you're getting the most out of the work out, strength training and arobics in a 3 day a week training program!  They took my weight, my measurements and calibur'd my body fat... it really seemed like the folks their knew their stuff and they were friendly to boot!

So, to kick it off... have any of you started new programs for this year's weight fight?  If so, what are you up to?  Let's get things going well by sharing this year's goals.  (You dont' have to tell as much as me though LOL)

Current Weight: 214 lbs
Goal Weight:  160 lbs
Total To Lose:  54 lbs
Assuming I lose an Average of 2.5 lbs a Week I Can Achieve My Goal In:  22 Weeks (aka 5 1/2 months)

With luck come mid-june (swim wear season) I'll be looking hot and seXXXy again!  WOOT!

So let's hear it folks... what WILL you do this year!
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woohoo, I made the five mile mark. that was my goal for the week. Now i can add more resistance. i will stay at this level for awhile. i am so glad i made it.
weigh in is tomorrow. i have been watching what i eat and i hope i lost. :
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Ok, I am finally on the ball and doing some posting. I lost only one pound last week. But I am doing better this week. I even joined the fitness center and I love it. I usually do the tables everyday, I can lay down and they help. My feet and back hurt so bad that I don't think I could do it without them.
I alternate between the tread mill and the doing weights. So I do get a variety everyday that I work out.
That is all for now.
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Well as I was telling Dee a few days ago... I am glad that I have been more faithful to my work outs than to posting to this board.

Sorry folks for not posting here more often. Ever since my nephew broke his leg, I have been playing catch-up. However, I have been doing well with my workouts. Especially now that Dee and I are working out some together. It is awesome! Hang in there folks we are all in this together.
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Kickin' it... just a little bit. ;)


So I've been lax in counting my points lately so I'm going to get back into the habit of posting here everyday... starting tomorrow. :)

Anyway, so I had Charlotte take me to Looking Good (our local fitness center) and I'm sooooo glad I did. I'm feeling GREAT! Today was my second work out and the treadmill and tables are JUST what the doctor ordered.


I SOOOOO suggest to all of you to get a membership there if you can afford to do so. Even if your body is aching or in bad shape, the tables do all the work for you really and trust me when I say you WILL feel GREAT afterwards!

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well in your projects of self-betterment. I'm up to 11lbs lost in three weeks... not bad at all. :)

*hugs to all*

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