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parking @ cascade campus

so, i'm taking a class this fall on the cascade campus for the first time (being at sylvania before). i've only been to the campus once and assumed since it's in a more urban area that i could just use street parking. but now, i see on the parking section of the pcc website, that you can get ticketed for parking on the street if you're a pcc student! i know that they have this rule on the sylvania campus, and i've seen them actively enforcing it. but can they really enforce it in an area like NE where there are a lot of people using street parking for many different reasons? as long as i don't have anything identifying me as a student (like expired parking passes) in my car, they can't really figure out i'm a student--or are they really vigilant about patrolling the streets and watching for students walking from cars?

also, is this a total dick move, to just park on the street to go to school? will people in that neighborhood totally hate on me because of it? i know that there was plenty of parking a couple blocks away when i visited campus awhile ago. i find it hard to believe that this is really such a huge problem.

i'm thinking about trying to ride my bike, but it's a longer ride than i'm used to and i'm also pretty skittish about riding in traffic at all (i am a wuss). i'd really love to know that if i drove to school i could just use street parking, it seems useless to get a parking pass for the term when i have no idea how often i will actually use it.

Math 112 online

quick question!

i am taking an online class this term to finish a degree, i am taking it at pcc even though i go to psu. it's math 112 with a professor named Wilkinson. it's been awhile since i took math and i am curious as what i should expect from this course, especially considering it's online and i am accustomed to writing math with my hand (pencil/paper). I took pre-calculus in highschool and took all the way up to 111A at PCC, but that was four years ago.

Do these online classes require any attendance? i may be traveling a lot which is why i ask.

also this Wilkinson has terrible reviews on ratemyteachers.com, however no one mentions that the class is online. Has anyone taken her class online? Could someone fill me in?

Free Amazon Prime for students

Amazon is currently giving free 1 year memberships to Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping) to current students with a .edu email address: http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info I'm not sure how long they're offering this (it doesn't say on the site).

Just thought i'd give fellow students the heads up on this in case you haven't heard about it yet. This is going to save me a ton on shipping textbooks this year!
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(no subject)

I sanyone here in the radiography program at PCC? What do you think?

The application process looks a little intense, a lot of people applying and not a lot of spots.. but I'm still interested and want to know more.

I guess I'm just looking for general info.. what are the classes and teachers like? Do you like it? Why radiography? etc.
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PSY101 Students?

This is a total long shot, however, can't hurt to try. Is anyone taking PSY101 with Reiner on Tu/Th at the Sylvania campus between 3:00 and 4:50pm?

I'm not going to be in class today due to illness and I wanted to see if someone would fill me in on the details. Thanks everyone.
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Math 95

Anyone at the campus on SE 82nd and Division have a Math 95 textbook they'd be willing to share by any chance? I can't even find it used for an acceptable price since it's custom for PCC (those bastards).
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hello students!I am currently living in FL,just completed my first semester of penn foster,a online college,shooting for my a.a in science as well as a vet tech certificate.so,that being said,is anyone enrolled in the vet tech program ? i would love to hear your experiences it would help me out SO much to hear from you,thank you thank you!

Club Fair at Sylvania

I checked out the events calendar today, because the clubs page said there is a fair on the third week of school. I see the Rock Creek ones, and even CA, but no Sylvania. Anyone know if there is suppose to be a club fair at Sylvania? Did I just miss the event posting?
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Anyone have the MTH65 book they want to sell? What about Letter to my Daughter by Maya or We Got Issues by Goddess?

Or if you want to let them borrow them, that would be awesome too. I will take really, really good care of them. I will not write in them. I will not highlight. I will not bend the covers. I treat my books well and I will do doubly so for you.
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PCC Shuttles

Hey everyone!

I'm about to begin attending PCC. I was curious if there is a shuttle that goes between the campuses mostly directly? I'm going to be staying at the King Albert PSU student housing building on 11th (My husband is doing PSU) and I wanted to see if the trek to Rock Creek via PT could be done in a reasonable amount of time or if I should stick with Sylvania.

Also, what are some interesting clubs to check out? What events shouldn't I miss? What do you enjoy about PCC?
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