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Deep in the depths of the Opera Populaire lives a secret that could distroy everything in it's wake, without a single thought...or note. Welcome. This is a Phantom of the Opera RPG. This rpg was based on the movie alone....not to book (*crys* the book was so sad!). The rpg takes place the same year the movie does (Which means the start of a new season of Shows for the Opera). Even though the rpg is BASED on the movie, I plan to change some things in the plot line... (mainly how it ends) There are some original characters allowed in this rp, but dont have your character suddendly ruleing the entire thing. (We mods tend to kick people out that do that. FYI: It's called God-Modding)

This is the OOC board for back_stage___


The lone moderator is myself,
cvdramababie which means ya have to get on my good side ^^


Oh, joy. *waves flag* There aren't many, but please please follow them. It's all for your own good, you know.

1.) The are very few original characters allowed. Please contact me to see what all your character is allowed to do.

2.) Each character gets his/her own livejournal. Posts in these livejournals will be written in first person, just like you (hopefully) write in your own lj. Character livejournals must be updated at least once a week, unless a real-life event prohibits you from doing so. In this case, please contact a mod. That's me!

3.) Play nice, children. No unnecessary cursing (even though I'm known to have some curse fits). Don't just do it because you're feeling pissy. If you and another player have a fight or cannot get along, please try to solve it between yourselves. Don't hurt the RP. If things still don't work out, contact a mod and I'll try to do something helpful for once.

5.) No God-modding. If you want another character to do something, ask the player and get permission. Preferably tell us all that you have permission, too!

6.) This is mostly a livejournal RP. AIM conversations are allowed, and probably very useful for interaction between main characters. All AIM posts should be posted in the community in an lj-cut with a small description of the convo above. It is not mandatory, though, to RP over any instant messaging system. For those back-and-forth exchanges and important meetings, there is a RolePlaying journal for this purpose alone:

7.) Your character's journal is your character's journal. All out of character posts should be in operapopulaire_itself. Without exception, all out of character posts go in

Relationships, Plotlines

Any form of relationship is fine, including slash. You know how things went, so keep things canon. However, if your character is not mentioned in canon as being with anyone, you're free to get into whatever relationship you please. Remember to make sure that it's okay with the person playing that other character. If they refuse, then there's really nothing you can do about it.

As for plotlines, we haven't really started,(since I just made this place) so any wild ideas are open... but to begin, we'll be doing simple "day in the life of" sort of thing.

How to join...

First, check to see if the character you want is still available. If they are, send an email to CVDramaBabie@aol.com with "Phantom of the Opera RP" as the subject.
Please include the following in your application:

LJ Username (yours):
E-mail Address:
Past RP Experience (if any):
Sample LJ Entry:

~~ Also, if you have any plot ideas or pairings for your character that you would like to tell me about, do so in the application.

Once you've sent the application, click on the 'join' link at the top of this page and you'll hear back from me in a day or two. (I'll get to you as soon as I can) And once I say you're in, e-mail me back with the username for your character's journal. Then go to : back_stage___As well and join there, since that is the community rpg. In that community journal everyone can rp.

Availiable Characters

After I approve you, you will be one of these characters! WEE! ^-^
It will mostly be first-come first-serve, however if two people send their applications before I check my mail (cuz god knows how slow aol is), I'll base the decision off the quality of the characterization.

The Phantom/Erik - og_opera_ghost

Christine Daae- christinedaae_

Raoul - raoul_chagny

Carlotta -

Madam Giry - danse_macabre__

Andre -

Firmin -

Piangi -


Meg Giry- little__meg

Anna Pavlova- anna_dancer

Bianca Vukavitch- biancavukavitch

Buquet -

Any other characters you know of, or Original Characters will be posted as they come in. Thank you. ^_^ Enjoy the show........
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