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show tonite at don bosco!!!
go if u can..myrtle ave is an amazing band!!
they're also playing next friday at pkoc with
All in Arms, Forever Endeavor, Modesty Panel,
Your Best Regret, and Of All Days

Go support the bands, and most of all Auroua Productions!!
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When: Friday, May 21, 2004 Doors at 5:45PM
Where: Little Falls American Legion, 50 Van Ness Ave, Little Falls NJ
Bands: Perfuma, Allstar Otis, Rydia, The Rookie, Foster, John Connor

Hey Kiddies!

Hi. Just a few questions for the band-o band-o because OMGZZZZZ I'm not scene.

1. What makes you guys hardcore?
2. How many times have you changed your name, and is this advantageous to publicity/recognition?
3. How old are you guys?
4. How is it possible to be emotional AND hardcore? That's quite a feat.
5. So what exactly happens when you burn???

And one last thing.

6. Join this. _are_you_a_dork. I'm a moderator.


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as soon as we get the new name..were copywriing it..soo its for good..i really did like only when i burn, it sucks that we have to change it.....fridays show was soo good...saterdays not--but fridays...woaa......

new website and pics comming sooon..............................................

c=comment on the band name ideas:

killing juliet
killing camillia..

pic one....comment if you saw us and liked us.....

comment if you came on friday

comment if you came on saterday

comment if you are our bands bitch(tony that means you)
comment if you blew us off to go to the teencanteen..

do w.e people this community is getting boaring....

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hey everyone...last nights show at skatersworld sucked soo much ass people, i think were done playing there...the p.a guy fucked us over..made the vocals really low and he made the bass louder then anything...soo scruw them....fridays show was fucken amazing..thanks to everyone who came out for both shows..friday was soo cool..we will have some pictures posted later...but we got some bad news...you know how everyone says we cant keep a name for more then 5 days? there right..we have to change the name again...its such a pain in the ass..the reason is this:
found this out last night......

were thinking about calling the band killing juliet...comment on it...

but thanks again for everyone who came out to the shows ..and sorry about saterdays suck ass show..


wow the show was amazing tonight....i was put into a trance....

john is a great guitarist
ben is a great vocalist
brian is a great drummer
aaron is also a great "high pitched" vocalist
anthony....is the bass player....it kinda didnt even look like he was playing but anyways goodjob anthony..

the band has gotten so much better and when i was watching i was thinking "they could go really far if they CAN PICK A BAND NAME AND STICK TO IT!"

<3 i love you i hate you <3
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