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okay new name finally (i think)

walls stained red--comment

were getting it copywrited tomarrow

umm yeah we got a new song -lyrics below

" ryan pierr , i'll take your life"

 your love a fairy tale script
your kiss an undalating romance
your notes paper emotions
your voice beuatifal death
i guess i couldnt be eveyrthing you wanted i apoligzie it was all my fault sorry for the infatuation you didnt want that now did you? i guess you didnt understand you kill me i dont accept this i do not comprehend the words of another has taken my place i can not speak wiht this ruined tounge-


umm were recording a demo soon...maybe may 30th with matt from point view....


we are gunna have tony play guitar for us too....

were thinking about a keyboard too..not sure yet


next show is june 4th at peqq. k.o.c

with stafford, before i burn, and all in arms.


new livejournal community is comming too.soo is artwork, merch, purevolume, website and soo on..


tell us if you like the name?

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