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Name- Stephanie Michele
DOB- July 4, 1988
Location- Centreville, VA
Age- 17

coke/pepsi- pepsi
happy/sad- happy
lucas/nathan- nathan
haley/brooke- brooke
deb/karen- karen
school/work- work
thing to do- listen to music, watch movies, spend time alone, spend time with friends
favorite OTH character and why?- nathan because he changed himself to be a better person

Do you know
what character does Chad m. Murray play? lucas
who is Nathan's mom on the show? deb
what two characters did Lucus have flings with? peyton and brooke
what town does the show take place in? tree hill
what state? north carolina

do you want to be apart of this community? im addicted to oth and i love the show. never missed an episode and this community is really nice

What do you think
post at least one picture of you...

 me in the car.

 me on the floor. cool shot.
do you think you look like one of the ONE TREE HILL CHARACTERS?
possibly haley


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