Ok you lovely ladies and gentleman have ALWAYS helped me out before so I'm coming back to you again! I have played my ipod playlist to death and I REALLY need some new songs. I'd prefer them to be new but if theyre awesome I'd love to know them too. And any kind of music is ok, I love it all as long as it either has a good beat, has good meaning, or you can just totally rock out to and enjoy. So please comment with your playlists, songs, anything and I will love you forever ;) Thank you!

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he said, "things will be just fine"
and i tought, in your arms they will be
he said, "all we had, is past now"
and things won't ever be fine for me.

it's a little thing i wrote.
i miss my ex boyfriend.
i miss my best friend.
i miss my first true love.

got love?

anything about:

feeling neglected by the person you love // care for.
i'm here for you // always will be.
don't be blind or stupid // notice me.
i'm the best thing ever // don't you dare forget.
just talk to me // i need you.

thanks in advance.

much love! =]