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I'm doing a presentation on poverty in Africa for school. I was wondering, where's the best place to find up-to-date facts on poverty just in Africa?

Thanks to anyone who can help. :)

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hi! I just joined. My name is Jasmine and I'm 14. I'm know I'm still a teen, but, I want to help. I want to make a difference. I wanted to know if anyone lived in the San Dimas/West Covina/Fullerton area of Southern California and if there's any charities or events to help those in need. Thanks!
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I can't help but notice that this community doesn't have a banner. Every good community has a banner so I took it apone myself to make one... Here it is.


Here's the code if you want to add it some where.

<P><A href="http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=onedotorg_"><IMG src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v281/suppressed/layouts/onedotorg.jpg"></A></P>

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I'm new here!

My name is Marlena, and I just joined! I'm 14, but I know I can help make a difference.
I was wondering if anyone here lives around the Lawrence/Methuen/Andover section of Massachusetts,
or the Salem part of New Hampshire. I was thinking we could start a volunteer campaign for ONE, and stuff.

I'm looking foreward in playing my part in Making Poverty History!
(if anyone knows where I can buy a ONE braclet in my area, that would be wicked!)
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Hey, I just found you guys. I'm Sarah, I'm 23, I live in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area. I'll do what I can to spread the word...
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