are you luxurious?

are you luxurious?
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1)Don't join if you can't take rejecting easily.
Don't join if you can't take insults easily.
Don't join if your not going to take part in the community.
Don't join if your not going to be active.
2) You must be 13 or older to join.
3) You must do the application and put it in a LJ Cut. If you don't know how to do that,
look it up in the FAQ. Remember--This is a hard community to get approved.
Be ready for what your getting yourself into.
5) Don't be rude or insult the mod's or any of the members.
If you do, you will be banned.
6) No Promoting other communities in here. Period.
7) Your pictures in the application must be REAL pictures.
Just to make sure, put a salute.
(Salutes are pictures with yourname@lj.com somewhere in your picture thats NOT photoshopped in.
8) Put "Im Oh So Luxurious" In the Subject Line & Put "Application" in the Lj Cut.
9) Dn't typ lke dis
10) You Need 3 or More Pictures on your App.
11) Don't Be Fake.
12) No Replying to anything such as comments or putting
new posts on the community until you are stamped.
13) You have 24 hours to post an application, or you will be deleted and have to re-join.
14) Good Luck!


Stamped Members

1) Put Stamped in the subject line on every post.
2) If your putting images that could offend someone, that includes alcohol,
drugs, or anything of the sort, put it under a lj cut, and leave a note.
3) Please put all pictures and long entries under an lj cut.
4) Keep All Posts FRIENDS ONLY!!
5) Stay Active, or again, you will be banned, and have to re-join.
6) Thanks and have fun!

New Member Application

Tell us something about yourself:
Why did you choose to be apart of this community?
Promote us to someone and/or a community. Post the link:

Co-Mod Application

4)How long have you been a member?
5)Why do you want to be a Co-Mod?
6)What do you think you could offer to the community?
7)Are you active in the community?
8)What are some of your ideas you could see happening to the community?
9)Name 3 things that you would change about this community:
10)Post 3 recent pictures of yourself including a salute:

-Good Luck!



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♥Name: Reanna
♥Email: preppypink77@aol.com
(only for important issues)



♥Holiday Pictures
♥Black and White Pictures
♥ Photoshop Pictures



♥The Next 10 members WILL be auto-accepted. :)
♥I have posted a Co-Mod Application and everyone can start filling it out if they are interesting in being a Co-Mod. Everyone will vote just as you would vote for others trying to become a part of the community. Good Luck!
♥Rewards is in progress. I'm working on it, so it should be up very soon.
---I'm coming up with a new section in the info called Rewards.
I'm thinking that every week, we will have a "Member of the week".
Maybe something like "Beauty of the Week", or "Best Picture of the week", ect., ect.
♥ Thanks For everyone joining to make this community happen! Keep Promoting!


Accepted, Rejected, Auto-Accepted, Auto-Rejected, && Promoting

More Coming Soon!!

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