Happy Holidays!! Hope everyone is doing amazing!

News:  We have new members that need to post thier apps!




Members: It's time to POST! I'm actually working on the community info at this moment, so take a quick peek when you have a chance, and if you have any suggestions let me know! I'm still looking for a co-mod, and i'll be posting an application.

Thanks everyone! Happy New Year!


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Stamped. [19 Dec 2005|02:28pm]
Hey Everyone.

Just an update:

flirtie_blues never posted an application within 48 hours, so shes being deleted, and will have to rejoin.

We're REALLY lacking members, so please, please, please keep up the promoting. We Really Need It :(

I'm going to be updating with pictures sometime around wednesday to keep an eye out!

until then, xox


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Thanks to everyone that moved communities from woah_so_hot to this one. Thanks Again!

I need applications from the new members even though you will get Auto Accepted. The Apps arn't hard to do, so if you could to them by the next 2 days that would be great! :-)


I'm thinking of doing a picture page, with everyone's picture on it.

So If you want to be on it, leave a 100x100 in your next post!



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Welcome To ohsoluxurious_

♥First 10 Members are auto-accepted!! :)
♥If everyone could promote to at least 2 places, and show the links that would be awesome and could help you gain your way up to member of the week! That way we could get more members!
♥Thanks Again!