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Oh Really...

Read between the line thoughts

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Your one-stop community for all things Boyd related. Share links, modelling info, photos, icons, artwork etc. We also welcome (with wide open arms) any Boyd!Draco art - the man makes a perfect adult Draco Malfoy!

High quality artwork is very welcome – we'd love to see collages, journal headers, wallpapers, icons or sketches that you've made.

Please put all embedded videos, large images, or large icon posts, behind cut-tags - it's a kindness to dial-up people. If you're posting photographs, make sure they're loaded to your own webspace – hotlinking is bad!

A note to icon-makers - if you're making a mixed icon post, please only use Boyd icons as teasers, not icons of other people/characters. We're here for the Boyd!

Please, no introductory posts without actual content, community pimping or request posts; anything of that nature will be deleted.

And finally, please use tags! They're there to make your life easier, so use them whenever you post! You can find a list of tags here - if you'd like a new tag adding to the community, please contact one of the mods.

Your sexy community mod(el)s are eldnia and oxoniensis. Community design by oxoniensis.

Want to be an affiliate? Any questions about posting here? Contact either oxoniensis or eldnia, or use the email address above.

If you'd like to link to the community, here's a link button:

Other sites to visit/community affiliates:
Yahoo! Groups: RobertBoyd
BOYD - an unofficial Boyd Holbrook fansite