Miss Genevieve (modestxbeauty) wrote in ohglamour_,
Miss Genevieve

sexual orientation:Straight
status (picture of him/her?):single
hobbies and interests:I prefer to work because i love my job but when im bored or out with my friends we play ddr and video games...yea im sorta a nerd lol. I love art and dance also
bands you like (no less than 10):the used,marilyn manson,H.I.M.,greenday, the wallflowers,ozzy osbourne,the killers,pitbull,kanye west,dj spatik,breaking benjamin,bright eyes
three bands you don't like:brittney spears,backstreetboys,nsync
favorite movie(s):the nightmare before christmas,saw 1&2,the breakfast club,sweet 16
favorite television show:super sweet 16,will and grace,made
favorite place to go and why?:the beach,so i can relax and get a tan at the same time
if you could be any person (dead or alive) for a day, who would you be and why?:me x because he said his life is so hard but i dont believe him
has anyone ever told you that you resemble a celebrity? if so, who?:the girl that plays harriet the spy, and fiona apple
why do you think you should be accepted?:im a lj addict meaning im on 24/7, im very active in all my communitites

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