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odd_man_out_'s Journal

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Please read all rules before applying.

This community is for both boys and girls. We are a community bringing together the odd cookies of livejournal, anyone who is "odd" is welcome here... but please remember this is a rating community. If you can't handle criticism don't apply.

Applicant Rules:

1. You must use a lj-cut to post your application.
2. You must be at least 13 to join.
3. Once you join the community, you must post an application within 24 hours.
4. If you get rejected, you may apply in one week after being rejected. If rejected again so long...
5. Do not argue with members especially the mods. If you do you will be banned.
6. In the subject of your application, write, "bite the cookie" so we know you read the rules.
7. Do not comment on any other post but your own until you are accepted.
8. If you are rejected, just leave. If you get pissed and make a big deal about being rejected we will make fun of you.
9. There is a minimum of 3 pictures that must be posted in your application. If you do not post pictures in your application, you will definitely be rejected.
10. You must have more yes votes than no votes to be accepted. No exceptions. Mod votes count as 2 votes.

Member Rules:

1. You must use a lj-cut to post pictures or community promos.
2. If you are promoting another community in here the subject line must say "STAMPED//PROMO"
4. You must put a link to us in your user info and feel free to use a banner as well... using a banner will get you more cool points with the mods. (and believe me I will be checking up to see who has because I have no life)
5. You must write, "STAMPED" in every entry you make so people don't get confused.

Just copy and paste what is in the text box below and leave all html that is there alone. I made the lj-cut for you so it's basically idiot proof.

Mod #1:

LJ: __diediedarling
AIM: x diediedarling
E-mail: whorexcore@teenagedirtbag.com

Mod #2:

LJ: unquietxmind
AIM: No JayKay
E-mail: whoxcares18@hotmail.com

Promo Banners:

Accepted Banner:

Rejected Banner:

**Mad credit to bangbang_riot for the killer banners!**