a HERO is made.

X-posted.. if this isn't allowed somewhere, feel free to yell at me and call me names and i'll take it down, no prob. i'm online all the time so just let me know and it'll be down. no harm no foul.

introducing the new, fantastic, wonderful community, poor_x_core.

are you always short fifty cents? do you find yourself DIYing your mom's old 80's duds into the newest scenecore styles of today? do you constantly search thrift stores in search of the "perfect" pair of ass-kicking boots for under five bucks?

congratulations. the mother ship is calling you home.

we're poor. we're core. we're poorXcore. all scenes, races, genders, sexualities, physical abilities, and planetal heritages welcomed and encouraged. help form the most diverse group of scene kids on the market eljay today! come check it out, READ THE RULES, and if you think it's the place for you, it probably is. so post your application.

NOTE: this is NOT a rating community. the application is merely to weed out the ignorant, the intolerant, and the rich. chances are, if you don't act like a lameass, you'll be stamped in no time and then you can post whatever you want. sound fun? good. now go join!

*deep breath*
daile the loser scenekid.

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