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I have a question, can someone make me a banner? please!!!! i want it to say "does it hurt when you think about me and how broken my heart is?!" and another one to say, "I Feel bad that i can stand here cold as stone seems so wrong, i can't explain it, maybe its just i've cried so much I'm tired and i'm numb, i hate it. i feel bad, that i dont feel bad"
I will credit!!!!!
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wow. sorry guys.. i haven't been around here in a very long time. anyway. i'm going to start making icons again [would be nice since put the community together] if anyone has any suggestions or requests, i'd be glad to take a few

once again - sorry for the disappearance!

<3 melissa
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I'm doing 5 requests. Leave me a picture and a discription of what you want. I can't do any animation because I haven't mastered it yet :]