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Fic - Gundam Wing - SoloXDuo - "Friends"

Title: Friends
Words: 322
Pairing: SoloXDuo
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU. Cursing.
Notes: For aikonamika Request details Fic number 1 for June-fic-a-day challenge thing; I posted it yesterday but forgot to post it here.

Street rats. That's what we were, that's what we'd always be. No one gave two fucking shits about us but we had each other. We've never needed anybody else. We survived when everyone else had died; though he would've died… but I got him the vaccine for that fucking virus that killed our entire gang. We tried collecting orphans and shit but things happened and it ended up just the two of us.

"What the hell are you starin' at?" Solo called. He lightly hit the back of my head. "You got your head in the damn fake clouds again. What's up with you?"


"Bullshit. I know that look. It's that look when you do stupid shit like this…" He grabbed my arm and yanked up the long sleeve exposing the scars there.

I jerked my arm free and glared at him. "Well you're wrong. I wasn't thinkin' about doing that, I was thinkin' 'bout how it always ends up bein' just us."

He blinked a few times. "Oh." He smirked then and reached out to ruffle my hair. Before he could say anything I slapped his hand away.

"Stop treating me like a fuckin' kid. I'm not a god damn kid anymore."

"You never were. You've always a fucking little punk who needs me to save his ass all the time." Solo snorted. He suddenly pushed me against the dirty wall and pinned me there with his body. He leaned in to whisper in my ear. "I know you ain't no kid." He laughed and pulled away then started to leave.


Solo looked over his shoulder at me and smiled. That warm smile that said all the mushy shit we felt we were too tough to say aloud. Yeah. I love him.

"Move it or lose it, Duo!"

I ran out of the building after him; my best friend, the only family I have, the only person I need.
Tags: [drabble], fic_on_demand, june challenge, pairing - solo/duo, series - gundam wing
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