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Fic - Supernatural - Dean/Sam - Untitled

Title: (Untitled for now)
Words: 370
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: PG?
Warnings: None, really. Implied slashy-ness. POV. *shrugs* (My first Supernatural fic thing, so yeah, it sucks.)

“Sam. Sammy!”

His hands clutched at my shoulders and he kept calling my name again and again. He had to be worried, scared even. I couldn’t hear him though. I sat there, numb, as the memory of the vision flickered in front of my minds eye. It was so real, I swear I could still feel the body in my arms. One thought circled round and round in my head. How long? How much time do I have? With Jess, I saw her die days before. Other times, I’d be lucky if I had a few hours before the visions became a reality. How long? Can I stop it this time? I have to… This vision… can’t become real.

“Sammy! Talk to me, damnit!”

His grip is almost painful and he’s shaking me now. His voice verges on panic. I finally look up to stare into my brother’s eyes. The briefest relief seems to flicker over Dean’s features once I acknowledge him, letting him know I’m back in the real world. The worry and fear is still there though. His hands move from my shoulders to cup my face, his thumbs wipe away tears I didn’t know were there. His wide eyes stare into mine, searching, desperate to know that I’m okay.

I’m not okay, I’m anything but okay. “Dean.” I manage to say his name, if only in an attempt to calm him at least a little. I can’t get the images out of my head though; I can’t help the fear I feel and it only makes my brother more upset.

“What is it, Sammy? The vision… it was like the others, wasn’t it?” All I can do is nod my head. The sound of slamming fills there air as the windows suddenly close and lock, the blinds shut over the windows, the locks on the door click into place… It all happens at once and Dean’s gaze darts around the hotel room. I don’t realize I’m the one causing it to happen, an instinctive move to try to keep us safe.

“Sammy…” He looks back down at me and I see him swallow nervously. He’s scared, too. I’m scaring him. “Sammy, who is it this time?”

Tags: [drabble], pairing - dean/sam, tv - supernatural
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