Kate (mulanreflection) wrote in nohappyendings_,

Fic - Supernatural - "Make It Better"

Title: Make It Better
Words: 201
Pairing: Dean and Sam
Rating: G
Warnings: Angst

They’d gotten back into the car, grabbed their things from the motel and got the hell out of the city. No one had said anything; Dean just kept driving late into the night. He couldn’t go all night though and eventually he had to pull off on the side of the road. He sat there for a long moment. He could still hear the gunshot, see Sam’s face and that hopeless, broken look. The same one he’d be wearing if it came down to that between them. Dean looked over at his brother; Sam’s expression was empty. After a minute or two Dean slid over, doing something he hadn’t done in a long time and pulling Sam into his arms. Sam briefly looked startled and his green eyes flickered up to meet Dean’s.


“Shh, Sammy.” And then Sam let his head fall on Dean’s chest and he let go. The tears soaked through Dean’s shirt and Dean held him tight, rubbing Sam’s back. Dean didn’t say anything, because Sam didn’t need him to say a word and there was nothing to be said. He just held onto Sam, making a silent promise that he’d make it okay again for Sammy.

Tags: [drabble], character-dean winchester, character-sam winchester, tv - supernatural
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