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18 March 2007 @ 12:40 am
Fic - Supernatural - Dean - "Babbling" (23 Years Chart)  
Title: Babbling
Words: 104
Character: Dean
Rating: G
Warning: None. 5-year-old Dean
Summary: Dean makes a decision.
Notes: For 23 Years Chart Chellenge; theme Sound. Sam: 1 year; Dean: 5 years

Dean watched his little brother. Sammy just turned one; it had been seven months since their mother died. Dean still only talked when he had to, but he was starting to open up a little, starting to heal. It was mostly because of Sammy. His baby brother was growing fast, learning knew things and Dean was so proud of him. Sammy was talking now, though most of it didn't make sense. Dean loved the sound of his brother's voice. It was comforting. Sometimes Dean could fall asleep listening to Sammy babble. It relaxed him, almost like the way Mommy used to sing to him.