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Fic - Supernatural - Dean - "Be Strong" (23 Years Chart)

Title: Be Strong
Words: 201
Character: Dean. (Dean's POV)
Rating: G
Warnings: POV, angst, 4-year-old Dean
Summary: Dean makes a decision.
Notes: For 23 Years Chart Chellenge; theme Beginnings. Sam: < year; Dean: 4 years

It's been a month since Mommy died. It hurts. I want my mommy. I want Daddy, too, but Daddy... Daddy isn't Daddy anymore. He's different. He never smiles and his eyes are different. Sometimes, at night, when he thinks we're asleep or that we can't see, I can hear Daddy crying. He cries and says things like, Mary, I'm so sorry and I love you, Mary. and Mary, I don't know what to do. He talks like Mommy's there and is listening; but Mommy's not there... just like the angels Mommy always talked about aren't there.

Sammy cries, too. All the time. He never sleeps and just cries. He wants Mommy, I know he does. I want Mommy, too. I want Mommy and I want Daddy to be happy again and I want Sammy to not cry anymore. Everyone keeps crying. I don't want anyone to cry anymore.

I'm not going to cry anymore. I can't cry anymore. Mommy would want me to be brave and strong and I'm going to be brave and strong for her. For Daddy. For Sammy. I won't cry anymore, I'll be strong. I'll take care of you, Sammy, Daddy. I promise. I'll be strong.

Tags: [drabble], character-dean winchester, chart challenge, chart-23 years, tv - supernatural

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