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Artwork - Copper Repousse - WIP

Title: Sakura Tree and Mt. Fuji I'll think of a better one eventually.
Copper repousse.

Art 2-D/3-D.
Work in Progress. 95% Complete.
Start Date: 08-16-06

This is a work in progress, though it's almost done. Monday in class I'll probably finish it. I have to put ink over it- this will give it this old-ish kinda... rustic look. It's gonna so awesome. Anyways. If you couldn't tell from the title it's a sakura tree with Mt. Fuji in the background, and the border is supposed to look like bamboo.

Obviously, I'm REALLY happy with how this came out. I <3 it so hard. I wanna hang it on my wall. Yay! ^_^

I'll make another post with the finished version.

Tags: 3-d, [artwork], art 2d-3d, original

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