Kate (mulanreflection) wrote in nohappyendings_,

AMV - Host Club - "Fall"

Title: Fall
Anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club
Song: "Fall" by Something Corporate
Characters/Pairings: Hikaru-centric. Implied Hikaru/Kaoru.

YouTube Link -- good quality ATTN: YouTube has deleted my 'Fall' AMV from their website.

If anyone would like me to upload to direct download, please let me know.


Halfway through the video, my muses started to get a completely different interpretation for the video- nothing like I had originally had in mind. They decided to make the video a lot more angsty.

The Hitachiin twins find out that Kaoru is sick. Very sick. There's no cure and eventually he's going to die. Hikaru struggles to deal with the fact that he's losing his brother-his twin, the most important person in the world to him. Kaoru tries to help and comfort him. Hikaru takes off and later gets a call to find out Kaoru died. Hikaru takes off running and eventually finds himself at a Church. He's reminded how he was powerless to save Kaoru. He wanders into the Church. ... Interpret the flash of red as you like. My interpretation? Red = Implied suicide.
Tags: [amv], [fanvid], pairing - hikaru/kaoru, series - ouran highschool host club

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