April 10th, 2010


Wallpaper - Supernatural - Wish I Could Say

Wish I Could Say
Character: Sam and Dean
Episode: 5x16 - Dark side of the Moon
Text - Lyrics from "Save You" by Kelly Clarkson, which is such a Sammy song.
Notes: Okay. So. This episode? BROKE me so hard. More specifically, the ending of this episode broke my heart so bad it HURT and I was a mess for DAYS. Srsly. The way this show effects me is kinda unhealthy. Anyway. I started working on this the next day... kind of as a way to cope? *hugs Sammy* I ache for him, so bad. The look on his face when Dean drops the amulet into the trash... UGH. And- and- the SYMBOLISM of that moment is like a punch to the gut. Like a bag of bricks. Not subtle at all. ;_; *angsts in corner* Anyway. I'm happy with the way this came out. On a happier note? My old monitor died so I had to get a new one... *drools* It's new and shiney and 23.6 inches and 1920x1080 resolution and yes. *drools more* I <3 it. And you know what that means? BIGGER WALLPAPERS OMG. And more headaches trying to figure out how to upload them because the file sizes are big, but, oh well! Enjoy! =) (I made this wall/post before 5x17 but hadn't been able to post it because LJ's been so crappy lately.)

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