November 19th, 2005


Icon Requests - Open

Alright, since my ava muse has left me, I've decided I'm going to take some Gundam Wing icon requests. Please be specific when requesting because that will better help me create what you want.

- Please please provide a picture!
- Let me know what text you would like on the icon, or if you'd prefer it left blank.
- Any other specifics! Such as the kind of brushes you'd like, and generally how you want it to look, I'll do my best.

(Note: If your requests involve characters other than Heero, Duo or Wufei, I will definitely need a picture to work with because I have pretty much no pictures saved. Any pairings I will also need a picture to work with.)

I will get to these ASAP depending on the number of requests made. I'm not doing so well in school and need to work at pulling up my grades so that will eat up some of my time to work on fanish things.

I think that's it. ^_^; I'll do my best to give you what you want!

- Kate
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