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Fic - Gundam Wing - 5x2 - "Hot Chocolate. Extra Marashmallows."

Originally posted: 2005-07-18. Here.

Title: Hot Chocolate. Extra marshmallows.
Theme + Number: Theme #69 (Chocolate). Theme #85 (Cold night).
Genres: Is ‘fluff’ a genre?
Warnings: Yaoi. Fluff. Cute. Sweet.
Characters/Pairings (if any): Chang Wufei X Duo Maxwell
Word Count: 469
Rating: G
Summary: Duo explains to Wufei why he loves hot chocolate so much.

Steam rose from the large mug and Duo brought it closer to him. He huddled around the cup and took a deep, breathing in the scent of his favorite drink. He closed his eyes and took a small sip, savoring the rich taste and letting the drink warm him up from the inside out.

“It’s not that cold…” Wufei tilted his head staring at the American in his lap who was all but curled around the mug as if trying to draw from his warmth.

“I know that.” Duo took another sip, a pleased smile on his lips. “I just… really love hot chocolate.”

Wufei rose an eyebrow. He slid his arms around his boyfriend, pulling him closer. He was already well aware Duo loved the drink. Duo would always make sure there was a box kept in the house at all times, and would fix himself a mug of the drink any time of the year. “Why?” His gaze flickered to the mug in Duo’s hands. “It’s not any good for you, there’s no nutritional value—“

Duo snorted softly and rolled his eyes. “You and your healthy food obsession.” Duo muttered. “I like it because it tastes good… and… Well, I guess you could call it a ‘comfort food’, you know? … Hot chocolate. Extra marshmallows. ” Duo smiled and took another long sip of his hot chocolate. “It reminds me of Sister Helen.”

“Oh,” Wufei smiled a little, nodding in understand.

His violet eyes fell shut and Duo again took a deep breath of the hot chocolate’s scent. “The year I lived in Maxwell Church, we had a really really cold winter. I would always try to stay in the kitchen because it was the warmest room. One day, Sister said she was going to fix something special for me. I’d never had many treats in my life before then, I ate what I could steal. Anyways, this is what she made me… hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. Just for me. I loved it. She always tried to make it for me.” Duo took a sip of his drink, smiling at the memories that came with the delicious taste. “We’d sit together in the kitchen. We’d talk and laugh and… it was nice. Sometimes Father Maxwell would sit with us. Those times are some of my favorite memories of Maxwell Church.”

Wufei hugged Duo a little closer to him. “I see…” He leaned forward brushing his lips against Duo’s cheek. “Maybe I’ll try some of your hot chocolate one day.”

“Really?” Duo grinned. He stole a kiss from his boyfriend then cuddled close. He closed his eyes and took another sip from his mug. A soft content sigh escaped Duo’s lips as he let himself enjoy the warmth from the memories and from his boyfriend’s love.
Tags: 5x2, [drabble], series - gundam wing

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