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Fic - Gundam Wing - 1x5 - "A Moment at Your Side"

Originally posted: 2005-10-04 Here.

Title: A Moment At Your Side
Theme + Number: Theme #94 (In the moonlight).
Genres: General. Fluff?
Warnings: None really. Brief talk about sex.
Characters/Pairings (if any): Heero Yuy X Chang Wufei
Word Count: 404
Rating: PG-13ish.

Wufei peered silently through the darkness into the face belonging to the body he was wrapped around. Moonlight that managed to enter through the slanted blinds illuminated the face with soft lines of light. In that moment Wufei could see the young boy in Heero. The illusion of innocence in Heero's unguarded features was bittersweet and almost heartbreaking because Wufei knew that innocence had been stolen years before. Wufei dared to reach out and rest his hand against the side of Heero's face and gently caress his cheek. He watched the corners of Heero's lips curve up just a little and then Heero turned his head a little to lean into Wufei's touch.

Wufei felt a smile of his own creep across his lips. Even in his sleep Heero knew who it was which was the only thing that allowed Wufei to touch him. Had anyone else tried this they'd have been staring down the barrel of a gun with Heero's finger tensed on the trigger.

He rested his head on Heero's shoulder and wrapped himself tighter around Heero. Before the war and before Heero he'd never once even imagined himself in this position: naked and wrapped up in the arms of another man. Here he was though and it was the only place in the world he'd ever wanted to be. When he was with Heero, he'd submitted without a second thought, it just felt so natural. A strong body over him, dominating him, felt right. He knew now that if he wanted it, Heero would willingly and without question submit to him. They'd done that in the past and enjoyed it just as much. Time and time again through Wufei found himself preferring to submit, give himself over to Heero completely and trusting Heero to never hurt him.

At first, it had been just sex. It was meaningless, a way to come down from an adrenaline high. Wufei began seeking Heero out more often though and found Heero needing him as much as he would need Heero. They both knew it was foolish to fall in love during a war, especially with another soldier, but it seemed inevitable. Wufei saw the beautiful young man beneath the façade of the 'Perfect Soldier' and truly loved that man.

Wufei smiled pressing a soft kiss against Heero's shoulder and closed his eyes. God, how he wished to stop time and spend forever in that moment.

Tags: 1x5, [drabble], series - gundam wing

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