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Table of Contents/Archive Post Thing

I'm using this post a sort of "table of contents" or archive with all the links to every entry, including summaries. It's mostly to make things a little more organized for me.

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New Beginnings
1x5. PG. Death-fic. The war is over, it's New Year's Eve- a chance to start a new life.

1x5. NC-17. FRIENDS LOCKED. Heero is trying to work, but Wufei has other plans.

Free Time
1x5. PG-13ish. Quatre forces Heero and Wufei to take some time off.

SoloXDuo. PG-13. AU. Solo is Duo's best friend, his only family, and more.

A Promise
5x2. G. After Duo's captured on a mission then finally rescued, Wufei makes a promise to him.

My Perfect Enemy
13+5. PG. I'm sure of your ability... to become my perfect enemy...

How To Tell You've Lost Your Mind
5x2. PG-13. Death-fic. An accident while walking home and Duo realizes what it's like when you cross the line between sanity and insanity.

Duo. PG-13ish. AU. Weird-ness. Creatures lurk in the shadows of a post-Apocalyptic world.

Time's Up
1x5x2. PG-13. They're running out of time but Duo refuses to give up just yet.

The Light
1x5. PG-13. Heero's POV. Talk of suicide. With the war finally over what are the soldier's who have known nothing but bloodshed supposed to do?

Just a Little Unwell
5x2. PG-13. Mention of self-inflicted wounds. Duo's not crazy. He's just a little unwell.

1x5. G. Those little moments make everything worthwhile and remind Heero he has something to come home to each day.

You Are Beautiful
5x2. PG. Despite everything, Wufei will always see Duo as the most beautiful person he knows.

5+2. G. His best friend is finally back from a needed vacation.

5x2, 1x5. PG-13. It was their anniversary, but Duo never expected something like this to happen.

1x5, Duo. G. Duo didn't think just a little bit of sugar would have that kind of affect on Heero.

Coming Out
1x5. G. Heero promised Wufei that he'd tell Relena- but he's reluctant to lose one of his friends.

5x2. G. Sequel to 'Betrayal'. One year ago, Wufei betrayed him… But Duo feels it's about time to forgive and try to work things out.

Last Minute
Heero. G. At least Heero wasn't the only one who had been procrastinating…

Left Wanting
1x5. R. Adrenaline high's can lead to many things even when you're right in the middle of a mission.

1x5. PG-13. AU. Heero's is the guardian to the Prince of Angels-Wufei. Heero's POV. He's helpless and all he can do is wait…

Duo. G. Duo has a certain comfort food.

Duo. PG. Life on the streets isn't easy, but Duo's determined to survive.

Heero. PG. He wasn't going to talk, no matter what they did to him.

His Best Friend
5+2. G. Wufei was Duo's best friend and that was it.

A Smile to Hide the Pain
Duo, mention of 5x2. PG-13. They were trying to break him but he just smiled- it was his only defense.

I Remember
5+2. PG. Wufei's POV. Duo doesn't remember what happened to him, but Wufei does.

What Happens When You Lose…
13x5. PG-13. When they fought there were rules- if Wufei wins he kills Treize, but if he loses…

Boy Soldiers
1x5x2. G. Wufei compares his two very different lovers.

Taste You
1x5. PG. AU. Vampires. It's been a week since he's tasted Heero...

1x5. NC-17. FRIENDS LOCKED. Wufei joins Heero in the bath.

A Moment at Your Side
1x5. PG-13. A quiet moment at his lover's side...

5x2. PG-13. Death-fic. Wufei's been keeping something from Duo, but he can only hide it for so long...

5x2. PG-13. Death-fic. Suicide. Sequel to 'Numb'. Duo's lost his mind and can't keep going anymore.

The Beat We All Live By
5x2. G. There’s a simple beat that lets us know we’re still alive…

Hot Chocolate. Extra Marshmallows.
5x2. G. Duo explains to Wufei why he loves hot chocolate so much.

1x5. PG-13. AU. I knew I loved you before I met you...

The Hunt
1x5. NC-17. FRIENDS LOCKED. Too often the hunter became the hunted.

Dean/Sam. PG. Sam has another vision, this time about his brother.

How Much Dean Loves Sam
Sam/Dean. NC-17. FRIENDS LOCKED. Dean loves Sam enough to give him anything and everything, no matter the cost.

Make It Better
Dean+Sam. G. Angst. Dean lets Sam break down. Semi-spoilers for 2x17 'Heart'.

Stupidest Thing Ever
Dean. PG-13ish. Prison. Dean realizes letting themselves get caught was the dumbest thing they did.

23 Years Chart Challenge

Be Strong
Dean (4-years-old). G. 23 Years chart challenge. POV. Dean makes a decision.

Dean (5-years-old). G. 23 Years chart challenge.

'Firsts' Chart Challenge

Slutty Sam Chart Challenge

Breaking Up is Hard To Do
Syaoran/Sakura. G. Syaoran's POV. Their relationship had ended, against their will, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Hikaru/Kaoru. G. Twincesty. Haruhi invaded their world, and Kaoru isn't sure what will happen to them now…

Losing Touch
Hikaru/Kaoru, Hikaru/Haruhi. R. Twincest. Kaoru's beginning to realize he's losing his brother…

Boys and Girls
Haruhi. G. Crack/humor/whatever. There's certain days out of the year where Haruhi really can't stand being a girl.

A Dragon's Affair
13x5. NC-17. FRIENDS LOCKED. Magnet-poetry.

This I Promise You
Tamaki/Haruhi. Everything Tamaki promises to do for Haruhi.

Be Our Guest
Tamaki and the others welcome their newest guest - Haruhi Fujioka - Host Club style.

The Little Devil Type
Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin. The twins are a very mischievous, devil-like pair.

Hikaru Hitachiin centric.

Into the Dark
Supernatural Fanvid. Dean-centric.

Because of You
Supernatural Fanvid. Dean-centric. His relationship with John and how John has made him the guarded/insecure person he is today.

What Hurts the Most
Supernatural Fanvid. Sam/Dean. Sam leaves Dean.

Supernatural Fanvid. Dean/Sam, Sam/OFCs. Sam can't stay faithful.

Hard to be Faithful
Supernatural fanvid. Sam/Jessica, Dean/Sam. After Sam left for college, he ended things with Dean. He found Jess, but when Dean calls him one night they end up in over their heads and Sam finds it hard to stay faithful to Jessica.

Icon Post 01
CMAR. DNAngel. GetBackers.

Icon Post 02
Gundam Wing – 1x5, 5x2, 1x5x2, 13x5

Icon Post 03
Gundam Wing – Duo, Heero, Wufei, WufeiXMeiran

Icon Post 04
Gundam Wing – ZERO System set

Icon Post 05
Gundam Wing – Sic Transit Gloria songset

Icon Post 06
Gundam Wing – Beautiful Disaster songset

Icon Post 07
Gundam Wing – 7 Deadly Sins set

Icon Post 08
Mulan, Tinkerbelle, Phantom of the Opera, A Walk To Remember, Random

Icon Post 09
Gundam Wing, Angel Sanctuary, Corpse Bride, GetBackers, My Chemical Romance, Random

Icon Post 10
Animated. Gundam Wing, CMAR, DNAngel, Random.

Icon Post 11
Gundam Wing, GetBackers, Moulin Rouge, Random

Icon Post 12
Gundam Wing, CMAR, DNAngel, Dead Poet's Society, Friendly Hostility, Random

Icon Post 13
Gundam Wing – iconfiend100 challenge

Icon Post 14
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Icon Post 15
Hyde – Shades of Grey songset

Valentine's Day icon
Gundam Wing

Icon Post 16
Gundam Wing, Card Captor Sakura, Days of our Lives, Angel Sancturary, Random

Icon Post 17
Supernatural, Pirates of the Caribbean, Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Angel Sanctuary, Ouran Highschool Host Club

Icon Post 18
Gundam Wing, Card Captor Sakura, Ouran Highschool Host Club

Icon Post 19
Ouran Highschool Host Club, Gundam Wing, Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Random

Icon Post 20
Ouran Highschool Host Club, Gundam Wing, Tsubasa: RESERVoi CHRoNiCLE, Random, Quotes: Dane Cook and Robin Williams

Icon Post 21
Ouran Highschool Host Club, Escaflowne, Full Metal Alchemist, Gundam Wing, Get Backers, Moulin Rouge

Icon Post 22
Supernatural - Dean+Sam, Dean, Sam, John, Mary, Winchester Family, Jessica

Icon Post 23
Supernatural - 2x10 "Hunted", Dean+Sam, Dean, Sam, Ava

Ouran Highschool Host Club Color Bars

Supernatural Color Bars

Sakura Tree and Mr. Fuji - Work in Progress
Copper repousee. 12th Grade - Art 2D-3D. 95% Complete.

Sakura Tree and Mt. Fuji
Copper repousee. 12th Grade Art 2D-3D. 100% Complete.

Instant Human!!
Color pencil. Senior H.S. Sketchbook Series #6. 12th Grade - Art 2D-3d. 100% Complete. (Dec. 13th 2006)

Artist's Workspace
Photograph. Random. This is why I don't draw as often as I should, the workspace I have SUCKS. (Dec. 13th 2006)

Cocoa Village
Photography. 12th Grade - Creative Photo 1. Urban landscape assignment. (Jan. 31st 2007)

Photography. 12th Grade - Creative Photo 1. Animal portrait assignment. (Feb. 21st 2007)

Photography. 12th Grade - Creative Photo 1. Nature close up assignment. (Feb. 21st 2007)

Photography. 12th Grade - Creative Photo 1. Nature close up assignment. (Feb 21st 2007)

Old Stuff Series 01
Photography. 12th Grade - Creative Photo 1. Old stuff assignment. (March 17th 2007)

Old Stuff Series 02
Photography. 12th Grade - Creative Photo 1. Old stuff assignment. (March 17th 2007)

Old Stuff Series 03
Photography. 12th Grade - Creative Photo 1. Old stuff assignment. (March 17th 2007)

Old Stuff Series 04
Photography. 12th Grade - Creative Photo 1. Old stuff assignment. (March 17th 2007)

Old Stuff Series 05
Photography. 12th Grade - Creative Photo 1. Old stuff assignment. (March 17th 2007)

Old Stuff Series 06
Photography. 12th Grade - Creative Photo 1. Old stuff assignment. (March 17th 2007)

Award Banners
Art Series - Old Stuff 01-06
Fic On Demand
FicOnDemand's June Challenge
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Chart-23 Years
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Pairing – Dean/Sam (Supernatural)
Pairing – Syaoran/Sakura (CCS and Tsubasa)
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Pairing – 5x2 (GW)
Pairing – 1x5x2 (GW)
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Pairing – Kyouya/Haruhi (OHSHC)
Pairing – Tamaki/Haruhi (OHSHC)
Pairing – Twins/Haruhi (OHSHC)


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