Kate (mulanreflection) wrote in nohappyendings_,

Fic - Gundam Wing - Duo - "Comfort"

Title: Comfort
Words: 115
Pairing: Duo, gen
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Notes: Written for almighty_frog Request details. 21st fic for June fic-a-day.

I closed my eyes and brought the mug to my lips. I breathed in the familiar scent that instantly brought back memories of a warm kitchen, of Sister Helen's smile, the sound of her laughter, that quiet smile Father Maxwell always had. The only family I ever had. This was something that was mine. Sister made this treat for me as often as was possible, considering the times. We'd sit for hours in that warm kitchen to escape the biting cold of winter. Those hours were filled with talk and laughter and love. I took a sip of the drink and let myself sink into those comforting memories.

Hot chocolate. Extra marshmallows. Just for me.

Tags: [drabble], fic_on_demand, june challenge, series - gundam wing

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