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Fic - Gundam Wing - 1x5 - "Coming Out"

Title: Coming Out
Words: 869
Pairing: 1x5
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Notes: Written for lizzypaul Request details." 16th fic for June fic-a-day.

"I can't…"

"You have to. You promised me you would."

"It'll break her heart."

"She'll move on."

"She'll hate me."

"I somehow doubt that, but if it's the case then she wasn’t a very good friend to you."

"I guess."


"I'm going."

Heero walked down the hall that led to a large patio. He lingered back a few feet staring out the open French doors. There was a light breeze that stirred the curtains pulled back over open windows and the plants and grass outside in the garden. It was a beautiful day out with a few clouds floating lazily in the sky. Reluctantly he stepped outside.


He glanced to his right where Relena stood and walked over to greet him. She'd grown in a strong, beautiful young woman. Her hair was tied back with a simple blue ribbon that matched he outfit. He returned the hug and smiled a little. "Relena." He took her arm and led her back to the table and sat down with her. Tea and snacks were already set out for the both of them.

"How are you?"

"Fine." Heero nodded. "You?"

"Good." Relena smiled and took a sip of her tea. "I'm so happy you could come visit. I do miss you. I understand how it is though; you're working hard with Preventers to maintain this fragile peace."

"Hai." Heero nodded. He glanced down when Relena suddenly reached for his hand, entwining their fingers.

"It's nice to get to spend time with you, even if it's just for a little while." Relena smiled staring down at their hands. Her thumb gently caressed scarred and callused skin.

Heero looked away then slowly pulled his hand away. He sighed. "Relena… There's… something I've been meaning to tell you."

"… oh?" Relena rested her hands in her lap and tried hard not to bite her lip. Light blue eyes watched the Japanese man beside her, trying to read his actions. He was uncomfortable, obviously, but Relena wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing. She'd seen Heero struggle with his emotions before, knew it was hard for him to express himself.

"I… Relena…" Heero glanced back at Relena. "I know… you care for me. Very much." Heero adverted his gaze again. "And I care for you, too… but… I don't think it's the same way."

"Heero…?" Relena scooted a little closer, eyeing the ex-soldier uncertainly.

Heero sighed in frustration and raked a hand through his unruly locks. There was a muttered Japanese curse and then her turned to face Relena, stating emotionlessly, "I'm gay." He watched as Relena's eyes flew open wide and her hand moved to cover her mouth. Heero lingered for only a second longer than stood abruptly turning to leave. He knew she wouldn't accept it and he wasn't going to stay to see the rest of her reaction.

"Heero, wait!"

Heero didn't stop walking until Relena's arms were around him and she again pleaded for him to stop. He bowed his head letting his bangs fall forward to hide his eyes.

"I… you…" Relena stammered and bit her lip moving in front of Heero. Tears stung her eyes as she ducked down to peer into Heero's. "You're… you're gay?"

"He is." Wufei's calm voice came from behind them and it made Relena jump. She glanced back to watch as Wufei stepped out onto the patio. He was still dressed in his Preventers uniform; she watched as the two Asian men exchanged a brief glance that seemed to say a thousand things.

"You… and Wufei…?"

Heero looked away again. "Hai."

Relena lowered his gaze to the floor. A few tears escaped down her cheeks and she quickly reached up to wipe them away. She closed her eyes then took a deep breath. A minute later she lifted her head to glance at Heero who had moved to stand beside Wufei. She watched the way they interacted and silently wondered why she never realized. The look in Heero's eyes was one she'd always wanted directed at herself. She sighed and watched them a minute longer. Despite how her heart lay in pieces on the ground a smile found its way to her lips. Heero had found someone to love… it wasn't her, but he looked happy. Somehow knowing that eased the pain in her heart. Her eyes moved to Wufei. She knew instantly Wufei would take care of Heero, perhaps better than she ever could. "… Heero?"

Heero looked back. "Hai?"

She walked over and wrapped her arms around Heero in a tight hug. She brushed the briefest of kisses against Heero's cheek then stepped back. Her smile grew a little. "It's okay."

Dark blue eyes blinked in surprise and flickered with hope. "Really?"

"Yes, really. Did you think I would hate you?" Relena laughed softly and shook her heard. "Never." Relena started to walk away. "I have to go… Maybe we can have lunch together another time!"

"I'd like that."

Relena paused and looked back at Wufei, meeting his gaze. "Please don't hurt him…"

Wufei shook his head. "I'd never."

Relena nodded and her smile brightened. "I didn't think you would." She looked away again as she quietly left.

Tags: 1x5, [fic], fic_on_demand, june challenge, series - gundam wing

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