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Fic - Gundam Wing - 1x5x2 - "Time's Up"

Title: Time's Up
Words: 884
Pairing: 1x5x2
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: … None really?
Notes: Written for kneazles Request details. 8th fic for June fic-a-day.

"We have to move, now!"

"Gimmie one minute!"

"It's a failure, we have to get out, Maxwell!"

"I said one goddamn minute!!" Duo grit his teeth and quickly wiped the sweat from his brow. If they left now, the hostages would die. There were kids among them. He couldn't stand the thought of leaving these kids to die. Behind him, the only two men he trusted in the world were covering him. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Wufei duck down, glaring at him as he shoved another clip in his gun.

"In one minute, we'll be the first to die when that god damn bomb goes off." Wufei hissed, glaring at the explosives Duo was trying to defuse.

"If he says he can do it, then he can." Heero's calm voice came from the left. He didn't once look back at them, his attention was focused on taking out the men firing at them and trying to get to where they were. Duo felt a smile cross his lips at Heero's confidence in him, two years ago Heero'd have been trying to do the whole mission himself.

"You're both insane." Wufei growled. He turned to start returning fire again. "I'm not letting either of you idiots die for this stupid mission."

Duo glared as he cut through a wire. "You'd rather let those kids die?"

"Damnit, Duo, I knew you shouldn't have come. You have that damn soft spot for kids."

"And how many times have I told you one life isn't worth all the ones you could save. You have to make sacrifices." Duo shouted over his shoulder as he tried to work.

"He's right, Chang."

Wufei ducked down for cover again and glared at them both. "Bullshit. Both of you. Stop being hypocrites." Wufei glared at his two stubborn partners. "This isn't the war." He reminded them before turning away once more.

Tense silence stretched between them with the exceptions of gunshots, the other terrorists shouting and Duo's muttered curses.

"Done!" Duo didn't even have time to breathe. A hand gripped his upper arm and yanked him to his feet then they were running.

Three hours later, they were back at Preventers HQ. Duo let his eyes close. The adrenaline had left him and now he was exhausted and sore. He slipped off his dirty field uniform, stuffing it in a locker pulled on a pair of loose, comfortable jeans. He could hear Heero a few feet away, seated on the bench still wearing dirty bloodstained pants, cleaning his gun. Wufei hadn't spoken a word to either of them and went straight to the showers.

A shower didn't sound like such a bad idea, Duo sighed. He reached up to rub the back of his neck. He has issues with public showers though. Instead he stood there, leaning against the lockers and gave himself a moment to just breathe.

Then a hand grabbed his arm, yanked him around and slammed him up against the lockers. Lips covered his in a hard kiss and a muscular body pressed up against his. Panic was the immediate reaction and Duo grabbed for his knife. The kiss broke as suddenly as it had been initiated and Duo stood their for a second, one hand ready to stab the knife into his 'attacker'.


The word, a nickname spoken softly, brought him back from his panic. Duo stared up at Wufei for a long minute. The knife clattered to the ground. "Jesus fucking Christ, don't do that to me…"

"You scared me just as badly today."

Duo glared. "This was different and you know it. Asshole." Duo tried to stay angry but when Wufei pulled him into his arms Duo sunk into them. He rested his head against Wufei's shoulder tiredly.

"I'm sorry, Meili." Wufei whispered.

"S'ok." Duo turned his head and pressed his lips against Wufei's neck. He glanced over at where Heero was, reaching out and smiling when the Japanese teen moved to join them. He watched as Wufei leaned over to press a kiss against Heero's lips then pulled back.

"Don't think I'm not mad at you both. You could have gotten yourselves killed." Wufei frowned.

"No, we wouldn't have." Heero shook his head.

"Neither of you are immortal." Wufei's eyes narrowed.

"Ne… 'Fei… 'Ro… Can we not argue about this?" Duo looked up at them. "Let's just go home. I'm tired." Duo pulled away and grabbed for a t-shirt slipping it on.

They were silent for a moment before agreeing. "Fine." Wufei murmured. He glanced between Duo and Heero. "You both need a shower, too."

Duo glanced at where Heero was standing and grinned. "Yeah." He looked back at Wufei and reached out to tug lightly on the towel covering Wufei's waist. "Too bad you already took one… You could've joined us."

"There's not enough room." Wufei grabbed Duo's hand before the towel could be tugged off.

"Doesn't matter." Duo grinned. "We fit perfectly together anyways."

Wufei's arm slipped around Duo's waist. "I guess we do."

"Then let's go home." Heero murmured as he quickly changed. Duo finished putting his things away while Wufei was getting dressed. He wrapped an arm around both Heero and Wufei's waist and they fell into a comfortable silence as they headed home.

Meili - Chinese - 'Beautiful'
Tags: 1x5x2, [fic], fic_on_demand, june challenge, series - gundam wing

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