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No Man's Land RPG

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T.H.E.Y. is a multidimensional peacekeeping organisation, stationed in an out-of-the-way, desert-like and not particularly hospitable dimension. The organisation’s operatives, mostly recruited from mid-twenty-first century Earth, travel through various dimensions, lowering tensions and conflicts in the various worlds. These various dimensions are not different planets—they are like alternate-reality earths. Operatives, though recruited from the same world, come with a variety of skills—everything ranging from magical talent to a knack for computer programming—which are then honed by more experienced members of the organisation.

Some of the dimensions require operatives to use magic in order to fit in and solve problems; in other dimensions, operatives rely almost solely on the technology available to them by the organisation’s mainframe computer. The computer, in fact, is absolutely crucial to the survival of T.H.E.Y.—its database is the only thing that knows exactly who all the operatives are, as well as what they are doing at any given time; more importantly, verification from the computer is the only way operatives can move between dimensions. As long as the computer is running smoothly, everything is fine.

Unfortunately, recent events have revealed the fallibility of the computer. The head of T.H.E.Y., the computer’s original programmer, has been assassinated, and the computer has been hacked into. With the computer’s shutdown, all of T.H.E.Y.’s operatives have been stranded in the various worlds wherein they have been doing their peacekeeping work. Since that time, many of the agents have come back in contact with headquarters.

These agents have discovered the rival pirate organisation that has been long planning T.H.E.Y.’s downfall. Very recently, having gathered all the information they could on these pirates, T.H.E.Y. performed a mass arrest on the pirate organisation. For now, it seems that the pirates have been crushed entirely, and only a very few of their important operatives have escaped.

T.H.E.Y. is up and running again, fully functional. The internal damage is hardly as bad as it might have been—many of the agents are dead or still missing, but T.H.E.Y. has about a hundred active agents. The problem now is that T.H.E.Y. is desperately short on agents. Active agents are needed out on missions, and to search for the missing, and to recruit new agents and train them. Life has, more or less, returned to normal, but it is still going to be difficult going.

{No Man's Land is an original character rpg. Your moderators are ariastar and polaris_starz. New characters will have to be approved before entering the rpg; please read the guidelines first!}


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